Top 30 Dragon Boat Influencers on Twitter

We can not deny the huge role that social media play in our world today. It is widely used in a lot of industries, from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations; because it has been proven to be beneficial in many ways. Twitter is just one of them.

In the dragon boat world, the twitterists (people who tweet) are like the Brand Managers who embrace social media; they promote themselves (their teams) and the sport in general. It is also a powerful tool to share links or convey short messages (140 characters) about trainings, races or any other announcements.

It is a quick platform to urgently broadcast the cancellation of practice. In just one tweet, you can circulate your message or advisories to your team members–your followers. Should you need to mention or thank your sponsors, partners or volunteers, you can be more specific, too, by tagging them in your post.

Dragon Boat Australia National Team
Dragon Boat Canada National Team

We have compiled this list of top twitter influencers in dragon boat to recognise their efforts in publicising, not just their team or business; but, essentially, the sport. These accounts usually have purposive tweets, have engaged their followers proactively, and those who often share or retweet relevant dragon boat news and events.

There are many others (teams and individuals) who contribute in promoting dragon boat through Twitter and we shall give them their due recognition and appreciation sometime in 2016. To share with you a practical lesson we learned from an account we’ve recently created: It takes time and patience to gain followers and become influential online; yet, it also pays be witty, informative, forward-thinking, funny and authentic.

1. Water Vipers

2. Dragon Boats New South Wales

3. Dragon Boat Banyoles

4. Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing

5. Puerto Rico Dragon Boat Federation

6. Indy SurviveOars

7. Lagan Dragons

8. Dragon Boat Charleston

9. Kaag Dragons

10. Mavericks Dragon Boat Club

11. Space Dragons Dragon Boat Racing Team

12. Greater New Orleans Dragon Boat

13. Dragon Boat Israel

14. Blackwattle Bay Dragon Boat Club

15. Swordfish Dragon Boat

16. Auckland Dragon Boat Association

17. British Dragon Boat Racing Association

18. Nanaimo Paddling

19. Singapore Paddle Club

20. Phuket Dragons

21. Dragon Boat Canada

22. Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival

23. Texas Dragon Boat Association

24. Survivors In Sync

25. Race the Dragon

26. Dragon Boat Sport

27. Barrie Dragon Boat Festival

28. Cambridgeshire Royals Dragon Boat Club

29. Dragon Divas

30. Boston1 Dragon Boat Team


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