One Forty Point Six

Woke myself to run
Tracking you every second
In support and solidarity
So cheerily I, donned
The Ironman 70.3 tee

As you race, let the elements
Be ever your fire
In all moments–
Smooth or tightwire

Flow like water
Hear its whisper
Be strong like earth
It molded you from birth
Fly like the wind
Feel it comfort
your face, your skin

Clear, blithe skies
Your guide and usher
Bring forth big smiles
Come intense heat or wet weather

Endure the pain
You are your own companion
Yet trust you’re fain
To champion

To wholly finish
One forty point six

Photo credit: Cyprus Malinao

The next day..
E: How does it feel to wake up as an Ironman?
T: I’m hungry!!!

*Kristine Gumabay finished IRONMAN Malaysia 140.6 with an impressive timing of 15:31:23.


Our Two-wheeled Gladiator

Nusajaya International Triathlon

Nusajaya International Triathlon

Nusajaya International Triathlon

She’s fierce. No doubt about it. She’s physically strong. Certainly no question about that, too.

Kristine Moyco Gumabay, Tin, KapTin, Kapitana, Chomi, or perhaps to some of us, Chomi Lee Jones.

I want to share with you her other side of fierceness and her amazing strength of character. We have been a sister-brother tandem for more than four years now and have worked together, too, in helping run and administer our dragon boat team for three years in a row, until we assumed the highest (and most difficult) posts in the team as President & Team Captain and Women’s Team Captain.

Good Girl

Through the years past, I have known Tin to be intuitive, goal-oriented and impartial. We have a lot of things in common as well. We’re both Ilonggos and both studied in Catholic schools. She’s still practicing and she always prays–every day and every night. As for me, I just pray and meditate. Period. She’s also a cool big sis to Karla (Guapa girl) and a loving daughter to very supportive parents (Tita Myrna & Tito Oscar) whom I have met and dined with.

Simple Woman

When we’re not paddling or running, we both share and find joy in simple things like: piaya (a Bacolod City delicacy), copi at Hawker centres, bread (any bread), waffles, bananas, chewy junior, pho at Nam-nam, chats at MRT stations, et cetera. And while sports would sometimes limit us physically, it is good that we have each other to talk, share and take each other’s advice to remedy our minor physical pains and injuries. Oh, yes, we go to the same Osteopathy Centre.

Dragon Lady

This year, she finally focused on her triathlon dreams and I, on the other hand, was catapulted to a national post in dragon boating. With our busy schedules (aside from our real jobs), we still continue to offer help and support to our beloved dragon boat team; and we are indeed grateful to our experienced successors who are so focused and so patient with the administration, special projects facilitation and most of all, the training tasks. Well done, Kapitana Mickee, Kap Jaz, Kap Jen, Kap Marian, Kap Kel, IDBC & FilCom Rep Paul and the rest of the committee officers. Salute!


In 2013, I was happy to have joined and supported Kristine at the Nusajaya International Triathlon at Puteri Harbour in Nusajaya, Malaysia. It was my first time to watch a (serious) Triathlon race and I really enjoyed it. As a supporter, you can actually feel, very strongly, the high spirits and aggression of the athletes. You become one with their aspirations. You cheer, you worry a bit, you cheer again and again and again, until you cry. I did. I just wish I can always tag along and support her and all my triathlete friends in all their races. Trust me, our support really means a lot to them.

Just recently, Tin finished and championed her own timing in the IRONMAN 70.3 Cebu in Cebu City, Philippines. This two-wheeled gladiator is coming back to Cebu next year, and this time, she will take part in the Coed Relay race category with Australia-based swimmer Joseph Tan and Singapore-based runner Lino Arboleda. Hey Cebu! Watch out for #sephlintinskins!


This forthcoming 16th November 2014, she will be representing the BBTri Team in IRONMAN 70.3 Ballarat, in Ballarat, Australia. She’s joining our other friends: Cunning Colin, Athletic Aleah, Kinetic Karen and Jazzy Jix. Tin has been my cheerleader as I am to her, and, on a personal note, I want to wish her a fun, happy, powerful and safe 70.3 Ballarat journey. We will be tracking your progressions, while silently praying and loudly cheering for you!

On a final note – Tin is not only a kind, respectful little sister to me but also one of my fitness inspirations. She’s an athlete and she was simply born that way—inspiring.


Images: Nurain Binti Wahab (I met Nur in Nusajaya. She was documenting her husband’s triathlon race through her DSLR and while the swim leg is ongoing, we had a good chat by the harbour. “Don’t worry, just tell me when your wife is coming and I will take photos of her and send to you.”, she sweetly offered. “Oh, she’s my sister. Terima kasih!”)