Singapore Writers Festival 2015

EVENT: Singapore Writers Festival 2015
PROGRAMME: EYE/FEEL/WRITE: Experiments in Ekphrasis I Talks & Conferences
DATE: 1st November 2015, Sunday
TIME: 11am – 1pm
DURATION: 120mins
VENUE: National Gallery, Singapore Courtyard


After writers were inspired by artworks at Singapore Art Museum to produce last year’s texts, editor Desmond Kon has invited another 10 distinguished authors this year: Alfian Sa’at, Chow Teck Seng, Divya Victor, Eric Tinsay Valles, Gwee Li Sui, Jerrold Yam, Latha, Lee Tzu Pheng, Leong Liew Geok and Yong Shu Hoong. They will respond to heritage artworks at the new National Gallery Singapore. Hear them read their pieces, which would be compiled in an anthology to be launched at the SWF.

Eye Feel Write

This session, hear Alfian Sa’at, Eric Tinsay Valles, Divya Victor, Gwee Li Sui and Jerrold Yam read their pieces. National Gallery curator, Shabbir Hussain Mustafa, will also provide insight into each artwork on this walking tour.

For Festival Pass for this tour, visit the SWF website at www.singaporewritersfestival.com/.
EYE/FEEL/WRITE is limited to 30 participants only, register by 6pm of 31st October 2015.
*News Release via an Embassy Announcement; All images by SWF

What’s the Noise all about?

This year’s Noise Singapore 2014 Festival showcased the works of young artists at an elaborate public exhibition in Ion Orchard’s Event Hall at Basement 4. The exhibit started 27th August – 14th September 2014.

Noise Singapore

Festival Exhibition

Noise Singapore is an initiative by the National Arts Council (NAC) which showcases the different creative expressions of youngsters in Singapore. The exhibition entries were hand picked by Noise’s panel of experts, from thousands of entries submitted in various categories such as: Art & Design, Illustration, Photography and Music.

This has been going on since 2005 and it featured thousands of young artists through exhibitions and concerts. It has also promoted and helped young artists through award grants, mentoring programmes, talks and art workshops.

Noise Singapore Noise Singapore Noise Singapore


The Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) was able to mentor a total of 51 apprentices this year and they were assigned to 22 of the country’s most established art veterans and experts. The mentorship which spanned for four months, had had one-on-one and group mentoring sessions.

In these sessions, the apprentices were guided and critiqued by their mentors through workshops and curation clinics. Apprentices were invited to art exhibitions and participate in mass drawing sessions. They had the opportunity to observe and assist in professional photo shoots as well.

51 apprentices’ works were included in the group exhibition entitled: “In Transit”, which ran from 16th August to 7th September at the Singapore Arts Museum (SAM at 8Q). Curated by Mug Collective and SAM.

Merchandise on sale @ Noise Singapore 2014 Festival Exhibition

Noise Singapore Noise Singapore Noise Singapore Noise Singapore

When I was circling the exhibition space, there were numerous artworks (post-judging) which caught my attention. I want to salute all the young artists whose submissions were chosen in the Noise Singapore’s Open Categories. A job well done as well for this year’s expert judges–such an amazingly fresh showcase you have curated. Thank you. Big Congratulations!

Here are my favourites from the Festival Exhibition 2014:

Noise Singapore

Intermission by Zu Orzu

Noise Singapore

VI by Munn Iskandar

Noise Singapore

Ode on the Spring by Joyce Lee

Noise Singapore

Peace be upon the Hearts in Disarray (II) by Noor Iskandar

Noise Singapore

Evolution of a Muslim Man by Ariff Despartacus

Noise Singapore

SewingBot by ShanlynC.

Noise Singapore

Serene by Joan

Noise Singapore

Order and Mess by Shadrina Shukor

Noise Singapore

The Trickster by Wilson

Noise Singapore

Kopi by Crnkyautumn