Dragon Boat Team Singapore goes high gear with Under Armour for 28th SEA Games

As a befitting choice for champions, the Dragon Boat Team Singapore gets garbed in revolutionary US high-performance sports label Under Armour for the 28th SEA Games this year. Through this official sponsorship by Triple Pte Ltd, the exclusive distributor of Under Armour in Southeast Asia, the national paddlers from Dragon Boat Team Singapore will have the honour of donning Under Armour compression and training gear, as it sets its eyes on victory at the upcoming SEA Games in Singapore.


Dragon Boat Team Singapore

The sponsorship comes in timely, as the country will once again play host to SEA Games after 22 years. This year, Singapore is also celebrating her golden jubilee, which marks a significant milestone for the nation, making this event even more memorable. The sponsorship will see Triple Pte Ltd providing Under Armour gear to Dragon Boat Team Singapore for the year.

“We want to continue supporting and spurring exemplary sportsmen and sportswomen who define the notion of true athleticism within our local sporting scene. We see huge potential in Dragon Boat Team Singapore. True to Under Armour’s iconic I WILLTM mantra, the team demonstrates such hunger, fervour and determination; giving their best into a sport they feel so passionate about,” said Mr Adrian Chai, Chief Marketing Officer, Triple Pte Ltd.

“The sponsorship is also an ideal platform for us to reach out to the sports community and to showcase Under Armour’s performance apparels in a strong regional and international athletic stage”, Mr Chai explained further.

“Dragon boating has a deep-rooted history and tradition here for over two decades. We believe that history can be made, and that glory is within reach. We are honoured to have garnered strong support from the dragon boat fraternity, and from partners such as Under Armour, as well as everyone who champions the sport,” said Dr Chia Shi-Lu, President, Singapore Dragon Boat Association.

The prestigious Dragon Boat Team Singapore was formed in 1989, comprised of only men while the women’s team was formed in 1995. Both teams have made significant strides in the history of this sport for Singapore.

Shanice Ng

Shanice Ng, Women’s Team Captain

Loh Zhi Ying

Loh Zhi Ying, Men’s Team Captain

“The team is highly motivated and grateful for the support from Triple Pte Ltd, and to be equipped with high-performance compression gear from Under Armour. Having the right training gear definitely helps individual athletes in enhancing their performance, by improving power endurance and helps in post training recovery. The teams have started intensive full-time training, and are confident with their performance to gun for their goal at SEA Games this year,” says Mr Derick Tan, Team Manager of the 2015 Men’s National Dragon Boat Team.


Derick Tan

Derick Tan, National Team Manager (Men’s Team)

John McGrath

John McGrath, SVP at Singapore Dragon Boat Association

The men’s team secured a milestone victory in the 10-men, 500m event, by clinching gold at the 17th SEA Games held locally in 1993. This was a historical win as Singapore’s first podium finish in this illustrious sport. In 2013, the nation’s women’s team fought hard to secure a landmark bronze in the five-crew, 500m-race during the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar.

Representing Under Armour in Singapore, Triple Pte Ltd has also been supporting and recognising our nation’s sporting individuals who have excelled in their own sport, including the nation’s only competitive female rower Saiyidah Aisyah, who clinched a gold medal at the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar; Singapore’s first UFC fighter, Royston Wee; and Singapore’s only tennis player who competes regularly in the WTA circuit, Sarah Pang, who was also recently selected to represent Singapore to compete in the Fed Cup this year.


Coach Naiang Naiang Htoo

Coach Naiang Naiang Htoo, Head Coach – Dragon Boat Team Singapore

Bryan Kieu

Bryan Kieu, National Coach (Men’s Team)

“We believe in supporting our national paddlers and other national sportsmen both physically and emotionally, to spur them to be better athletes and excel in their sport,” added Mr Chai.

Source: Company Press Release
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Celebrating the Extraordinary

Brunei SEA Games Cambodia SEA Games Indonesia SEA Games Laos SEA Games Malaysia SEA Games Myanmar SEA Games Philippines SEA Games Singapore SEA Games Thailand SEA Games Timor Leste SEA Games Vietnam SEA Games

The 28th Southeast Asian Games 2015 (SEA Games) is only three months away; and this year’s theme is: “Celebrate the Extraordinary.” SEA Games’ opening ceremonies will be on 5th June 2015 and 16th June 2015 will be the closing ceremonies. The actual games will start from 29th June 2015, and medal ceremonies for some of the sports will be until 16th of June, the closing day. Refer to the complete competition schedule here.

This year is Singapore’s 50th celebration of independence from Malaysia. Dubbed as SG50, it is only appropriate that this beautiful island country hosts the SEA Games; the last time it hosted the games was twenty two years ago in 1993. It will be participated by eleven nations namely: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam.

What is SG50? As the committee poignantly describes, “It represents the little red dot that we’ve come to know as home. The logo celebrates the Singaporean spirit – signifying that our dreams are not limited by the physical size of our island nation.” Kudos to the one who put these words together; it’s simple yet very powerful. Visit SG50 for more exciting events and activities lined-up for the entire year.

The new generation of Singaporeans are generally sports and fitness savvy and I think it has become such an invigoratingly infectious environment that even those (at least most people I know) who are now living and working in Singapore are relatively more sporty and extra health conscious, which is a good thing. It is evident, too, in the massive participation, from both the locals and the foreign workers, in all small to big-scale marathons, dragon boat races, triathlons, and cycling events in the country, all year round.

Undeniably, I am very excited about the upcoming games and I just can’t hide it, ergo this post. What excites me more are the sports which I grew up with, either doing or those which I just simply enjoyed watching. I love all kinds of sports, so I will categorise all of the featured SEA Games sports in three ways:

Love doing.

Archery • Badminton • Basketball • Billiards and Snooker • Bowling • Boxing • Canoeing • Cycling • Football • Table Tennis • Tennis • Traditional Boat Race • Volleyball

Love watching.

Swimming • Rhythmic Gymnastics • Diving • Fencing • Golf • Sepaktakraw • Softball • Squash • Triathlon • Rowing • Synchronised Swimming

Love to try.

Water Polo • Equestrian • Floorball • Hockey • Artistic Gymnastics • Judo • Netball • Pencak Silat • Petanque • Rugby 7s • Sailing • Shooting • Taekwondo • Waterski • Wushu

On top of my list, of course, is the Traditional Boat Race or also known as Dragon Boat, as I have been paddling for almost twenty years now and the very first time I watched a Traditional Boat Race was in the SEA Games 2005 in Manila. It was held then at the La Mesa Watershed and Ecopark/La Mesa Dam in Quezon City, Philippines.

The venue for the Traditional Boat Race/Dragon Boat will be in the iconic Marina Bay. It will be a non-ticketed sport event so everyone will have a spectacular view of the races from the Waterfront Promenade, The Lawn or at The Promontory. It is happening on the 6th to 7th June 2015, Saturday to Sunday.


Yes, it’s only a couple of months before the games, and to us who will be watching, we can only imagine the hard work of all the athletes who have qualified for each of the events/sports this year. We know it takes months and months, or, even years for these athletes to train for the games—the most prestigious sports meet in the Southeast Asian region.

The Heroes

As for the athletes, this journey, perhaps especially the last 100 days before the games, must be a very tough time for them—emotionally, mentally, and most of all, physically. As they push themselves harder and go through the last stretch of intensive trainings, morning and evening to most of them; we just have to send them all our best wishes and pray that they will be safe and away from possible injuries. These athletes are definitely heroes of the nation they represent and the flag they hoist with pride. Salute to all the SEA Games 2015 athletes!

The Supporters

As with the parents and families of the athletes, the excitement must be making them tremble at times, I suppose. I have had the good opportunity to interview a number of athletes who will be involved in the forthcoming SEA Games and when I asked them: Who’s your biggest supporter in this journey? They answered very easily: ‘My parents!’ Yes, Mom and Dad are on the top of the list and then followed by their fellow teammates, coaches and friends.

The Committee

As for the SEA Games technical committees, competition managers, local and international sports officials, and volunteers engaged in the process and those who will be involved during the actual games, the hard work and preparation are just as tough as they only want nothing but for the games to be facilitated smoothly, professionally, and more importantly, fairly for the all athletes of the participating nations. It must be tough working on the competition format, athletic policies, procedures, rules of racing, and the polishing of the technical handbook of each of the featured sports.

This 28th SEA Games 2015 has indeed brought so much excitement in the region not only because of the host country’s beautiful venues, people and culture, but because through the platform of sports, the Southeast Asian nations unite and integrate as one community having love and respect for each other. This coming June 2015, The Heroes, The Supporters, The Committee–the 11 Nations team up in Singapore for this big celebration of the extraordinary.

Brunei SEA Games Cambodia SEA Games Indonesia SEA Games Laos SEA Games Malaysia SEA Games Myanmar SEA Games Philippines SEA Games Singapore SEA Games Thailand SEA Games Timor Leste SEA Games Vietnam SEA Games

You must see these 50 Icons of SG, gorgeously collated by the amazing team behind SG50. It will make you smile. It will make you cry. It will make you proud!

28th SEA Games 2015 – Traditional Boat Race


This fantastic view will the venue for the 28th Southeast Asian Games 2015’s ‘Traditional Boat Race’, more popularly known as Dragon Boat.

Race Venue: Marina Bay, Singapore
Race Dates: 6th – 7th June 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)

Race Distances: 200m | 500m
Racing Dragon Boats: DB6 | DB12
Racing Classes: Men’s Class | Women’s Class

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Interview Series: Coach Tan Wee Jin (Women’s National Team)

This Q&A was with Mr Tan Wee Jin, National Coach – Dragon Boat Team Singapore (Women’s Team)

Coach Wee Jin started both in dragon boating and kayaking at the age of 13. Prior to being a full-time coach, he was a part of the Anglo Chinese School (Independent), National Junior College, and National University of Singapore and has been actively competing until 2011.

This young, versatile coach has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science, a former member of the Kayak Sprint Team Singapore, and a certified fitness instructor, first aider and CPR & AED.

Coach Tan Wee Jin


NAME: Tan Wee Jin
BIRTHPLACE: Clementi, Singapore
AGE: 27yo
HEIGHT: 173cm
WEIGHT: 65kg


Dragon Boat Team Singapore National Coach (Women’s) 2013-2015
National University of Singapore Kayak Sprint Team 2012-2015
Hwa Chong Instituition (College) Canoeing Team 2010-2015
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Canoeing Team 2013-2014


SEA Games 2013 – Bronze Medal
19th International Canoe Federation Canoe Marathon World Championship (Asian Category) 2011 – Gold Medal (K2 Men)
Dragon Boat Technical Coaching Certificate Levels 1 and 2
Sports Medicine Australia – Certified Sports Trainer Level 1
Olympic Council of Asia Canoe Sprint Coaching Technical Certificate Levels 1 & 2
National Coaching Accreditation Programme Levels 1 and 2

Q: How long have you been coaching the Women’s Team? How are the women athletes prepping for the SEA Games 2015?

A: This is my second year coaching the Dragon Boat Team Singapore – Women’s Team. We are gearing up well for the coming SEA Games and now there are more athletes who are going into full-time training, as opposed to a few months back, which is a good thing. We are now able to train having a full crew in the boat.

Q: How do you reach out to your Athletes?

A: First of all, interaction between the coach and the athletes is very important. Secondly, there should be sincerity in sharing to them my knowledge and my passion in the sport. These two combined, we will together soar to greater heights.

Q: In the context of interpersonal communication within the Women’s N-Team, is it a challenge for a male coach like yourself?

A: It always is. There’s a notion that goes, ‘Men are from Mars, Women from Venus’; so, as much as possible, I try to put myself in their shoes and think first of how they would feel before saying things. With regards to training matters, it is usually straight forward as those are facts. Gaining their trust and respect is something that helps to facilitate things.


Photo Credit: dbteamsg.sg

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On Chasing your Dragon Boat Dreams

This Q&A was with Yeo Chin Hwei, Vice President (High Performance) at Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA).

About his early years in Dragon Boating

Our featured paddler Mr. Yeo Chin Hwei is known to his dragon boat peers as simply–Chin Hwei. He started in the sport of dragon boat with the National University of Singapore’s dragon boat team in 2001.

Later on, he joined Dragon Boat Team Singapore (N-Team) in 2002. With some breaks in between, Chin Hwei became a national athlete up until 2010. He also assumed the role of Captain of N-Team in 2007.

Singapore Dragon Boat Association or the SDBA is the National Sports Authority for the sport of dragon boat in Singapore and one of its missions is to “develop and maintain a world class National Team at both senior and junior levels.” Chin Hwei has been catapulted as one of SDBA’s Management Committee members from 2012 to present.

Currently, he is holding the position of Vice-President for High Performance in the committee. As VP for High-Performance, he is in charge mostly of the N-Team affairs. Recently, he jumpstarted a publicity and recruitment campaign for Dragon Boat Team Singapore. This will highlight the N-Team’s journey to SEA Games 2015.

Let’s Make History

This powerful tagline “Let’s Make History”, endeavours to attract strong and passionate paddlers to join the pool of National Athletes to represent Singapore in the South East Asian Games (SEA Games) in 2015. Next year’s games will be hosted by Singapore, coincidentally, it is also the Garden State’s 50th Anniversary of its independence.

Insofar as dragon boating in Asia is concerned, teams from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar, are known to be consistently ranking as top teams in both Asia and World Championships. “It is now time for Singapore to shine in the dragon boat arena!“, Chin Hwei asserted.

In next year’s SEA Games, eight dragon boat events for both Men’s and Women’s categories will be featured: 500m and 200m 12 Crew; 500m and 200m 6 Crew.

dragon boat singapore

L-R: Glenn Chan, Terence Ong, Yeo Chin Hwei & Chua Kwee Hong at Guangzhuo Asian Games 2010

In this brief interview with Chin Hwei, he shared his own journey in terms of dragon boating, and indeed, this man’s sheer passion in the sport and for his country is exceptional.

Q: Would you share to us the context of becoming Captain of N-Team and then one of the Vice Presidents of SDBA? Tell us your leadership style?

A: “Honestly speaking, I never see myself as a leader. I am actually someone who doesn’t like to talk. To a certain extent I am an introvert. How I was pushed into the captain role or MC (Management Committee) is always due to circumstances and coincidence. In 2007, we practically have to rebuild the team after the exit of many paddlers in 2006. Being the most senior of the team at that time, I automatically became the captain. For role in the MC, it was due to an introduction by a current MC member who pulled me into the committee. Given a choice, I would not want to be a leader but when the situation requires you to contribute and since I still have my dream and passion, I think I just go with the heart.”

Q: Any distinct style on your approach as a leader?

A: “As a leader I am not a motivator. I don’t believe in saying too much. I believe in leading by example and making more sacrifices than the rest because if you want others to follow your dream and passion, you need to show them how it is done. Action speaks louder than words.”

Q: If you are to give some advice to aspiring National Athletes, what would it be? What do you hope for them?

A: “I believe in sharing your dream and passion. My dream in dragon boating has not changed since I joined the sport. I have the utmost respect for the Southeast Asian teams. They inspired me not just by their will to succeed and their humility. I want to show that we Singaporeans can do it too. I have retired as an athlete, failing to accomplish my dream but I hope one day I can see Singapore dragon boat to be able to challenge my most respected competitors.”

If there is such a thing as a Dragon Boat Merit badge, Chin Hwei’s race jersey will have loads of it. More power to him and his big dreams for the N-Team!


CALL FOR NATIONAL ATHLETES: The Dragon Boat Team Singapore is now recruiting “New Bloods!” If you have what it takes to be in the N-Team and you have dreams of representing Singapore in the SEA Games 2015, email info@dbteamsg.sg or visit http://dbteamsg.sg for more information and to signify your interest.

Twitter: @dbteamsg
Instagram: @dbteamsg

*This interview has been edited and condensed


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