Poem: Lolo

From him: I’ve learned that hard work does pay and it pays long-term.
From him: I’ve learned to listen carefully with my heart.
From him: I’ve learned to stay calm yet smart amidst crisis.
From him: I’ve learned to rise up early and organise the duties for the day.

From him: I’ve learned the importance of being physically and mentally active.
From him: I’ve learned that eating more vegetables and fish is good for me.
From him: I’ve learned to find joy in keeping a close contact with the people I care about.
From him: I’ve learned the value of humour–to laugh at almost everything.

For him: I will always find time to walk, dance, jump, and keep my Fitbit vibrating.
For him: I will try to create a more healthy lifestyle for my own well-being.
For him: I will try to hone and nurture my interpersonal relationships.
For him: I will wake up each day with a plan to do good to self and others–to always go above and beyond duty.
*Lolo (Grandpa) turned 100 years old this year; and today, quite sadly, he will be put to his final rest and for the rest of us who will not be able to be there to send him off to his next adventure, Lolo’s legacy will remain in us and through us, no matter where we live. “Mayo lang nga paglakat, Lo.” Farewell and fy high, Lolo dearest!

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Poem | A Good Love Shared

A Good Love shared

Oh! sad plight but we’d be happy for it instead
The storm guised as a calm wave of bluest of oceans

We danced to celebrate on humid nights
And hot summers worthy of cradle

Moments spent–heartwarming and indelible
Hugs, kisses, laughs and possibly all the good in life
Did not end, it never does

Love so true, so energised
To be part of it was grand
A special gift
That was ours alone

We’ve witnessed a love which grew
Mature, sacred and kind
One special love that could never scoot
Nor be erased

They say, bury the hatchet, nothing of such kind
Nothing to feel bitter about
Just simply fruits of love, and love only

Dejected that the love affair had to end
Excited for the budding friendship to bloom
Like a new flower yet to be discovered

Cherish the sweet feel of deep breaths
Brought upon by thoughts and voices
Of a wonderful, wonderful memory
Of you, of us

A memory to be kept safely
In the deepest secret carnival of the heart

The storms will be forgotten
Only calm will stay
As we blithely absorb and cherish
The good love shared
*Penned by author from decades past


Her joke
Brings loud laughter
Her critique
Pushes fashion louder
Her jokes
Her critiques
Now gone

Her Jokes
Our joy
Her comedy
Our reality
Her joy
Our laughter

Our joy
Our comedy

Her jokes
Our happy food
Her genius
Our happy mood

She jokes
We laugh
She laughs
We live

Her jokes
Her laughs
Our laughs

Funny died
Joan is gone

Our love
Our respect
Our laughter
Her life

In loving memory of Joan Rivers: Comic, Writer & Retired Fashion Police (June 8, 1933 – September 4, 2014)

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The Dragon Boat Hours

filipino dragons singapore filipino dragons singapore

It is during trainings that I am happiest.

It’s when I can release stress and shout my heart out.
Where I can burp out loud and also laugh out loud.

It is where my teammates see me suffer.
They see me endure,
They see me fight.

It’s where I get to motivate and receive motivation.
An opportunity to inspire, furthermore earn inspiration.

It keeps me focused as it gets intense.
Makes me admit my weaknesses; realise my strengths.

I sweat, I feel pain–I feel strong.
I perform, I work–I build.

I feel one with the team, I feel whole.
It is where I admire and get admired, too.

I teach, I learn, I get validated.

It is comforting, exciting and adrenaline-filled.
It prepares me as it pushes me to the limit.

At trainings I develop authentic self-discipline,
To be in sync with the team,
To be reminded to live in good trim.

It is during trainings that I execute my best,
Become as good as the rest.

For triumph and glee. For victory!

It is during trainings that I truly feel free.

filipino dragons singapore

Photo credits: Kelvin Pao

eugephemisms: The poem is about the fun and profundity of all the training hours that a dedicated paddler devotes for his passion.

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