Poem: Lolo

From him: I’ve learned that hard work does pay and it pays long-term.
From him: I’ve learned to listen carefully with my heart.
From him: I’ve learned to stay calm yet smart amidst crisis.
From him: I’ve learned to rise up early and organise the duties for the day.

From him: I’ve learned the importance of being physically and mentally active.
From him: I’ve learned that eating more vegetables and fish is good for me.
From him: I’ve learned to find joy in keeping a close contact with the people I care about.
From him: I’ve learned the value of humour–to laugh at almost everything.

For him: I will always find time to walk, dance, jump, and keep my Fitbit vibrating.
For him: I will try to create a more healthy lifestyle for my own well-being.
For him: I will try to hone and nurture my interpersonal relationships.
For him: I will wake up each day with a plan to do good to self and others–to always go above and beyond duty.
*Lolo (Grandpa) turned 100 years old this year; and today, quite sadly, he will be put to his final rest and for the rest of us who will not be able to be there to send him off to his next adventure, Lolo’s legacy will remain in us and through us, no matter where we live. “Mayo lang nga paglakat, Lo.” Farewell and fy high, Lolo dearest!

Photo credit: Oak & Friend Typography


Fabulous France

Days after the multiple attacks in Paris, our hearts still bleed for all the victims and their families. Through different news agencies, we may have somehow seen how the attacks unfolded; but how horrendous was it really to those who were actually there? In social media, millions have expressed their thoughts, prayers, love and support to the nation and its people.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

While the recent terrorist attacks in Paris (and let’s not forget about Beirut) have caused many lives and a massive number of people were wounded, as we pray for hope and strength to all survivors and the loves ones of those who had died, let us also continue to pray for the ongoing major conflicts in the world.

Fabulous France

As mourners from across the globe hold moving memorials in tribute to Paris, and with the French tricolour being lit on historical bridges and buildings; please offer a prayer or take a brief moment of silence in honour of those who have passed on and the many others who were badly injured and traumatised by the attacks. Pray for Paris, pray for peace.

Vive La France!!!

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