30 Must-follow Dragon Boat Twitter Accounts 2016

Late last year, we have compiled and featured the Top 30 Dragon Boat Influencers on Twitter. It’s about time to get to know the next batch of boosters and agents who promote the sport through this online social networking microblogging platform. Let’s celebrate them for actively promoting and pushing to popularise the sport and make more people not just become aware but encourage them to try out our beloved sport.

But, why 30? What is its significance to Dragon Boat?

According to International Dragon Boat Federation or IDBF, the international governing body for the team water sport of dragon boat racing: “It was 30 years after the first Hong Kong International Races or HKIR, the numbers show the impressive development of Dragon Boat Sport. 50 million Dragon boaters in China and the sport, through the IDBF, has now spread to all continents’ [sic].”

World Dragon Boat Athletes

“Since the formation of the IDBF, the sport has spread rapidly throughout the world. […] 300,000 in the UK and Europe, including Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Russia; 90,000 in Canada and the USA and many thousands in Australia and New Zealand and with the sport now spreading through the Caribbean, Africa and the Pacific Basin; Dragon Boat Sport, under its governing bodies is a vibrant, effective and independent paddle sport.”

The HKIR in the 70’s is believed to be the start of the ‘Modern Era’ of Dragon Boat Racing. In the present day, the IDBF, EDBF (European), and the ADBF (Asian) Federations are the three Federations who now govern Dragon Boating as practised in over 60 countries.[Source]

Dragon Boat

To come up with the top 30 list, we mainly used search engine & twitter search. The latter is as simple as typing dragon boat keywords on Twitter’s search field and exploring its advance search functionality. For search engine, to put it simply, the keywords will be ‘searched’ based on data which are already indexed in their system, thus the results. Each particular search engine will have varying results because each have their own ranking system and its own unique data gathering and coordinates used.

As to how its metrics and processes work, that’s another technical literature altogether. Let’s not go there for now. For this particular purpose, we used the largest dragon of them all–Google. Here they are in random order.

1. Irish Dragon Boat Team

2. Brisbane River Dragons

3. Stroke it! Dragon Boat Club

4. Stormy Dragons

5. Gushou

6. Southern California Dragon Boat Club

7. Drachenboot-Events

8. UP Dragon Boat Team

9. U.A.E. Dragon Boat Association

10. Raging Dragons

11. Los Angeles Racing Dragons

12. Hope Floats NYC

13. Living Root Dragon Boat

14. Lions Dragon Boating

15. KL Barbarians

16. George Brown Dragon Boat Club – Huskies

17. Philadelphia Dragon Boat Association

18. Dragon Boat Barrie

19. Iron Dragons

20. Dallas United Crew Delite

21. Champion Dragon Boats

22. Team Fusion Dragon Boat

23. Sunnyside Paddling Club

24. Carlow Dragon Boat Club

25. Ryerson Dragon Boat

26. Welsh Dragon Boats

27. DC Dragons

28. Austin Coolers Dragon Boat

29. Admar Dragon Boat

30. Venice Canoe & Dragon Boat

*The nomination is still open for the “Most Inspirational Dragon Boat Paddlers on Instagram.” Let us know if you want to anonymously nominate a friend, coach, team manager or a teammate. Just simply send a link of their account to our inbox: eugephemisms [at] gmail [dot] com

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Dragon Boat World Athlete: Positive Reinforcement – A Main Coaching Tool

This Q&A was with Dragon Boat World Athlete, Dennis Wright, National Athlete – Auroras – Australian Dragon Boat Team.

Dragon Boat World Athlete Dennis Wright


NAME: Dennis Wright
BIRTHPLACE: Nhulunbuy, Australia
AGE: 33yo
POSITION: Paddler; Coach (South Australia State Coach – Premier Division)
HEIGHT: 178cm
WEIGHT: 85kg
STATUS: Married

AusDBF National Championships 2016, 2 Bronzes – South Australia Premier Mixed, Standard Boat, 500m; 200m
AusDBF National Championships 2016, Silver – Premier Open, Small Boat – Club Division, 200m
AusDBF National Championships 2016, Silver – Premier Mixed, Small Boat – Club Division, 200m
AusDBF National Championships 2015, Bronze – South Australia Premier Mixed, Standard Boat, 500m
AusDBF National Championships 2015, 2 Silvers – South Australia Premier Mixed, Small Boat, 500m; 200m
AusDBF National Championships 2015, Bronze – South Australia Premier Women (Coach), Small Boat, 500m
AusDBF National Championships 2015, 2 Golds – Premier Mixed Small Boat – Club Division, 500m; 200m
AusDBF National Championships 2015, 1 Gold; 1 Silver – Premier Open Small Boat – Club Division, 200m; 500m
AusDBF National Championships 2013, 1 Silver; 1 Bronze – Premier Mixed Small Boat – Club Division, 500m; 200m

It was during that warm Australian summer of 2008 when this bass-playing World Athlete, Dennis Wright, started in the realm of dragon boat. Grew up in Nhulunbuy, a small mining town in Australia’s Northern Territory, he shared with us his humble beginnings as a paddler-turned-National Athlete and his experiences as South Australia’s (SA) Premiere Class state coach. “I started paddling with Water Warriors, a local club in the South Australia state. I was introduced by family who had retired from the sport the year previously, after many years in paddling in SA.”

Dragon Boat World Athlete Dennis Wright

When asked if he has displayed his bass skills in front of his teammates, he responded: “I still play bass whenever I can in between paddling, work, and life commitments. Sad to say that I’ve not yet been able to do so with my paddling teammates as yet, but there is still hopefully plenty of paddling years left for me, so who knows?”

Dragon Boat World Athlete Dennis Wright

Started as a hobby for Dennis, he then began to take his paddling stint more seriously in 2010 when the selection process has changed in qualifying for the Auroras, the Australian National Dragon Boat Team. “Back then, the winning State Team in the AusDBF Nationals competition becomes the representative Australian team.”, he recalls. “The change has opened opportunities for paddlers around the country to represent Australia in international races.”

“Since SA is a small density state with a large population spread, it typically meant that SA could not compete in a standard boat against the larger state teams. But since the selection process was introduced, SA has fielded a large number of Australian Auroras paddlers over the years, and I have been fortunate enough to be one amongst them.”, Dennis added.

Dragon Boat World Athlete Dennis Wright

Q: How did the Auroras fair at the recently held Asian Dragon Boat Championships? Was it the projected results?

A: I think the Auroras represented very well at the Asian Champs. It’s always difficult to project results in such a competition, but improvement is always sought after.

Q: It was a success, then?

A: The results helped define the success. It was a little difficult to back-up so quickly from the IDBF World Championships campaign in Canada, so it was very heartening to see the Auroras improve their results from last Asia Champs campaign

Q: In three words, can you describe to us what ‘Sportsmanship’ means to you?

A: Honour. Brotherhood. Honesty.

Dragon Boat World Athlete Dennis Wright

Q: What is the most rewarding thing of being a coach?

A: The most rewarding thing for me is being a part of the improvement of my paddlers. Seeing the beginners advance to intermediate and from intermediate they advance to skilled and beyond. The experience of seeing doubt being expunged is proof positive of skill advancement.

Q: How important is the coach’s role in keeping the supportive and respectful climate in the team?

A: Paramount. The head coach (and division coaches too) are the prime point for setting the examples and structures by which the paddling team will be expected to follow. I do not believe it is possible for coaches neglectful of this reality to create supportive and respectful teams.

Dragon Boat World Athlete Dennis Wright

Q: Can you give us some tips on how to maintain unity and respect within the team?

A: Positive reinforcement is my main coaching tool. This stems from the idea that once a person believes they can perform better, they will psychologically strive to perform in accordance with that belief. I always maintain a healthy respect for my paddlers of all levels, since I am often paddling in the boat with them too. I am aware that as a sole person I may not see or understand all things of all paddlers at all times. So I encourage healthy discussion and conversation from my paddlers. This two-way dialogue encourages respect and cohesion amongst the paddlers.

Q: Outside the dragon boating world, who is the athlete that you admire most and why?

A: This is always a difficult one. I’m probably going to go with Steve Waugh. From watching him play I always felt that he had good respect for the sport and the competitors alike. Sport is a microcosm of life in many ways, and as such I am still always motivated by love.

Photos: Michael Daniel Photography (Australian Auroras Squad); Instant Photos Publications Australia (Black Dragons DBC); Papillon Marcel; Audio Reign
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Thank you, Dragon Boat World!

Dragon Boat Teams

This gratitude cloud graphic was generated through the search results which we have collected online. These teams are among those who have shared our articles and ‘list-icles’ about dragon boat. It’s such a delight and joy to see the massive number of shares, likes and comments about our posts and features.

A VERY VERY HUGE thanks to all the dragon boat teams, clubs, associations and federations all over the world who have been sharing our posts on their Facebook pages and on their Twitter accounts. All our dragon boat posts have now populated over 50,000 Views (and still counting minute by minute) and you are a whacking part of this success. You are the true dragon boat advocates and agents and we can not thank you enough.

As we have read your tweets, Facebook comments and blog comments, we are happy to marvel that most of you often find our posts to be entertaining, insightful, funny, and, most of all authentic. To simply put it, perhaps it’s because we are passionate dragon boaters just like you are, that’s why you can relate to us; and because of this readership and patronage, we are indeed pumped up and inspired to give you more. (Oh, and if there is anything that you need to let us know (corrections, suggestions, et al.) to help improve our blog, please feel free to do so.)

A long line of Paddle Salute also goes to the tens of thousands of dragon boaters and supporters from all across the world who have spent time to read, like, comment and share our posts about this amazing sport that we all love. THANK YOU and keep breathing fire and always let go of that inner dragon in you during the races. Paddles Up!

Can you find your team on the Gratitude Cloud Graphic? If not, we will make another one soon, so please continue to share our TOP POSTS and FEATURES.

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Thank you, Dragon Boat World!
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30 Thoughts Every Dragon Boater Has Before The Race
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10 Most Popular Dragon Boat Hashtags
25 Things Only Dragon Boaters Understand