Interview Series: Captain Loh Zhi Ying, SEA Games 2015 Athlete

Zhi Ying

This Q&A was with Loh Zhi Ying, Men’s Captain – Dragon Boat Team Singapore.


NAME: Loh Zhi Ying
BIRTHPLACE: Tampines, Singapore
AGE: 22yo
POSITION: Team Captain
HEIGHT: 175cm
WEIGHT: 74kg
STATUS: Single

MEDAL RECORD: SEA Games 2011 – Grand Finalist; Asian Champs – Grand Finalist
INTERESTING FACT: Has recently discovered the love for Crossfit.

Q: Being in the National team is a tough responsibility. What keeps you going?

A: Just sheer passion in the sports. I want to see this sport in Singapore do well and since I like dragon boat a lot, I also want to share the experience to other people. Personally, I want to learn a lot first at this sport and then help promote it to others.

Q: How important is the coach’s role in keeping the supportive and respectful climate in the team?

A: They are very important. Our Coaches are like ‘maps’. They are the one leading us to our end results. They also serve as our checkpoints—they keep an eye on us. As they serve as our guidelines and checkpoints, they make sure that we are on the right track towards our destination—achieving the goal of the team.

Q: How do you manage your pre and post training nutrition?

A: I practically eat the same thing everyday. I make and prepare my own meals. In fact, my Mom is my nutritionist. I would suggest to her what kind of food I want or need. Then when she goes to the grocery, she’s kind enough to buy for me.

Q: Is it your own research or is it one imposed by your coach?

A: As I mentioned, my Mom plays a vital role in the (internet) research of my diet. When my coach wanted me to lose some weight, my Mom would search the net or Google and pick the food I would need. I am also big into liquids like fresh juices and some whey protein.


Photo Credit: Under Armour/Triple Pte. Ltd.

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