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Haiku | Waking Dream

Waking Dream

cool wind brushed my face
as I listened to the rain
night paused in silence.

Funniest Dragon Boat Meme

Dragon Boat Meme 5

Meme Credit: Dragon Boat Sport

Dance through Life

Flow - Typeverything

One of the tragedies of real life is that there is no background music.

โ€• Annie Proulx, The Shipping News

Image Credit: Typeverything


A Lament
Live An Authentic Life
Two Tragedies
Soul of Man under Socialism

Water to Fire [excerpt]

Water to Fire

Together they create poetry;
Stanzas of practices, drills of harmony,
Sounds of rhythmic metres,
Verses of drama and comedy;
Into a song of dexterity.

One and same in goal, in persistence;
Aggression aflame, at any distance;
Equal in strength to clutch the aim.

Touch, shave the water, feel the sliver
Longer reach–blend in with water;
Stronger, deeper catch
Hard, quick to win the match.

An excerpt from ‘Water to Fire.’ The full poem will be published later this year. This poem is not available in any public domain.

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