Tough, Ripped, And Inspiring Paddlers We Follow on Instagram

Here’s a roundup of paddlers we follow on Instagram. We intend to not say much about each of their accounts, so it’s up for you to discover and enjoy. Whether a photo’s subject is about dragon boat, food, pets, nature or themselves, their galleries show how passionate they are about paddling, fitness, and just simply loving life.

A newbie, a leisure dragon boater, a world champion–it’s an exciting mix. Take inspiration from the stories they tell through their IG; and on how they keep fit, sexy, and healthy through sports, exercise, and eating well. Some dope pointers on how to look damn hot in photos, too!

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Disfruta de la vida que es muy corta

A post shared by Raquel Marin (@raquelmariin) on

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A post shared by Josh M. Hosang 🇹🇹 (@jaaaasssshhhh) on

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Gf making sure my hair is off my face when I train. ♡

A post shared by Sin River (@dawn.of.sinister) on

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🇯🇵橫濱港🗾 🚢遊輪碼頭⚓

A post shared by MJ KO (@mj__ko) on

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#dragonboating #dragonboatfestival #yaris #zamani

A post shared by Osman Aycı ( on

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Chins❤️ #rättinibiceps #apelsinibastun #chins

A post shared by Nils Wikander Karls (@straighttothebiceps) on

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Old shirt, new hairstyle!!

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25 More Dragon Boat Accounts to Love on Instagram

The global usage of Instagram is ever increasing and is now estimated at 400 million active users monthly. While thousands and thousands of dragon boat-themed accounts are now active on this photo/video-sharing mobile app; whether it’s for social or marketing use, it’s all good publicity for the sport.

The utilisation of this social networking service varies in a lot of ways: to promote the team, to inspire team members and followers, to feature paddlers, coaches or sponsors, to advertise dragon boat products and services, to broadcast upcoming races, and so on and so forth.

No matter. To us paddlers or dragon boaters, these dragon boat accounts that we follow make us feel good; and while a multitude of accounts emerge on a daily basis (perhaps hourly, or by the minute even), this just means that our sport is growing exponentially, which is a good thing. If your team is not on Instagram yet, consider creating one. It’s going to be worthwhile.

From visually inspirational images and videos, to helpful health tips, to motivational quotes; these accounts may have, in one way or another, mirrored the dragon boating/paddling life that we aspire.

Here are 25 more dragon boat accounts that will not only ‘re-fresh’ our Instagram feed; but will also make us smile, laugh or give our creativity the much needed boost.

1. UBC Thunder

2. Shell & Turcas Dragon Team

3. Chinese Youth League Dragon Boat

Lego dragon boat paddle today! #cyldb

A photo posted by CYLDB (@cyl.dragonboat) on

4. Empire Dragon Boat Team

Beautiful day of racing in Burlington! Thank you @ridethedragonvt for amazing hospitality and fun times! #bestfestival

A photo posted by Empire Dragon Boat (@empiredragonboatteam) on

5. Dubai Diggers

6. PLK Paddlers

7. Paddlers Anonymous

#paddlersanon Christmas party last night 🎅🏻🎄 #family

A photo posted by Paddlers Anonymous (@paddlersanon) on

8. Dragon Boat Steelcraft

9. Dragon Boat Banyoles

10. National University of Singapore (NUS) Dragon Boat Team

11. Western U Dragon Boat Club

12. Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival

13. Montgomery Dragon Boat Race and Festival

Your 2014 Grand Champions! The Bravest from the Montgomery Fire Department. #mgmdragonboat

A photo posted by Montgomery Dragon Boat Fest (@mgmdragonboat) on

14. Lian Dragon Boat Club

❤️ Lian club ❤️ #lian_club #team #teammates #Bushehr #Iran #team #dragonboat #dragon #boat

A photo posted by Lian club (@lian_dragonboat_club) on

15. Water Vipers

16. Dragon Hearts Thunderbreaker

17. Sky Dragon Team

Ceremonia Despertando al Dragón! #wakeup #dragonboat

A photo posted by Sky Dragon (@skydragonteam) on

18. Emerald City Dragon Boat Club

Glorious Fall paddle right before the wind kicked up. #dragonboat #dragonboating #realoregon #dexterlake

A photo posted by Emerald City Dragon Boat Club (@ecdbc) on

19. Persian Gulf Dragon Boat

20. Doha Dragons – Qatar Dragon Boat Team

21. Intertek Dragon Team

Dragon Festivali tarihinde verilmis en iyi poz 🙂 Kupa kazanmayi bilene yakisir :)) 🏆😎💪

A photo posted by Intertek Dragon Team (@intertekdragonteam) on

22. UCI Elements

23. North Eastern Dragon Boaters Association

Nedba #p21

A photo posted by NE Dragon Boaters (@nedragonboaters) on

24. Lorestan Dragonboat

مربی ارزشمند لرستانی "مهدی فاضلی" در سال 84 با شروع فعالیت قایقرانی در استان فعالیت خود را در دراگون بت به عنوان ورزشکار شروع کرد و در هشت دوره مسابقات کشوری این رشته شرکت کرد." مهدی فاضلی"در کارنامه خود 5 دوره مربی تیم دراگون بت لرستان بوده که نتایج قابل دفاعی برای جامعه ورزشی لرستان کسب کرده.مقام چهارمی سومی و دومی کشور در رشته دراگون بت تنها بخشی از رزومه اوست که در این چند سال دو بار هم تیم لرستان به عنوان پدیده و شگفتی ساز مسابقات شناخته شد.فاضلی مدارج مربیگری درجه دو و سه و بین المللی را کسب کرده و همچنین تعداد زیادی از شاگردان وی در تیم ملی و مسابقات جهانی و آسیایی عضو ثابت تیم ملی بوده اند.مربی تیم لرستان سه بار به اردوی تیم ملی دعوت شده که یک بار آن به عنوان مربی اصلی تیم ملی اعزامی به مسابقات قهرمانی آسیا در چین نماینده ورزش لرستان بوده که در آن مسابقات تیم ایران مقام چهارم را بدست آورد. #iran#lorestan #khoramabad #khorramabad #goproapp #gopro_4life #goproir #goodfriends #goprophotography #goproiran #goproiranfanpage #goproeverything #gopro #goprophotography_ #nature #natgeo #everydayiran #خرم_آباد #لرستان #لرها #lorestan_e_kohan #lorestaniha #lorestaniam #lorestantravel#iranemoon #yaftenews#lorestan_e_kohan #everydayiran #akkaskhoone#دریاچه #کیو#بام

A photo posted by @lorestan_dragonboat on

25. University College Dragon Boat Club

*Different search engines, Iconosquare, and Instagram Web were used to help populate this list.

In the coming 2016, we shall feature a list of the Most Inspirational Paddlers on Instagram. Let us know if you want to anonymously nominate a friend, coach, team manager or a teammate. Share with us a brief intro or just simply send us a link of their account in our email: eugephemisms [at] gmail [dot] com

25 Dragon Boat Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Whether these accounts have posted five or five hundred media, regardless if they have twenty or two thousand followers; these accounts do not only share tastefully edited or unedited images and videos but they also contribute a great deal in promulgating the sport of dragon boat.

If you or your team is on Instagram, whether the post is your own or a repost, more than creating the best collages or finding the right filter; it’s always a delight to see dragon boat images, videos or memes which inspires and energises. Also, it’ll be great if you could provide your followers (and future ones) with the appropriate captions and hashtags.

Generally speaking, in sharing our photos or videos, we can be as creative as we can be and at the same time be really funny or inspirational, too. We can be as informative and yet not too braggy and self-important. We can post anything that we fancy, just so long as it’s original and ‘Instagram-worthy.’

Since Instagram is best used real-time, you may also want to mention the dragon boat race that’s ongoing or where your team practice or team excursion is happening by using the location setting or simply state the city or country in the caption field.

Wherever you are paddling, be it in Poland, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Arab Emirates, United States, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia or Isle of Man, it will be good to know that an exciting dragon boat event is happening in your area.

#dragonboat #dragonboatrace #dragonboatfestival

With the help of Iconosquare, Instagram Web, and search engines, we have digitally populated these trendsetters for this year (2015) and may you be enthused by these fun and inspiring dragon boat accounts—follow them and take note of how they effectively make use of the hashtags.

1. Ryerson Dragonboat Club

2. Dreadnought Dragon Boat Team

3. Dragon Boat Pinatar

4. Dragon Boat MVP

5. Dragon Boat Innovate

6. Dragonboat Club Master Russia

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#Kazan #not_our

A post shared by Dragonboat Club Master Russia (@dragonboatmaster) on

7. Hammerheads Dragon Boat Club

8. A-Team Dubai Dragon Boat Club

9. Waterloo Dragon Boat Club

10. Aquaholics Dragon Boat Club

11. Orlando Dragon Boat Club

12. Catch22 NYC Dragon Boat

13. Pennsylvania Dragon Boat Club

14. George Brown Dragon Boat Club

15. Smokipoludnia Poland

16. Oar Struck Dragon Boat Club

17. Hawaii Dragon Boat Festival

18. SIM Dragons Singapore

19. San Juan Dragonborn Club

20. HKU Dragon Boat Team 香港大學龍舟隊

21. XGenerals Dragonboat Team

22. ACCA Dragon Boat Racing Team

23. GWN Dragon Boat

24. One West Dragon Boat

25. DLSU Dragon Boat Team

So the next time we’re rendering our desired saturation, shadows, tilt shift and contrast or we’re choosing between Juno, Ludwig or Willow to filter our post, let’s not forget to use the dragon boat hashtags to promote the sport. We need dragon boat to be out there and be at par amongst the more popular ones.

*We shall feature the next 25 Accounts to Follow on IG before the year ends. We’ll also keep a lookout for the 2016 Dragon Boat influencers on Social Media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook). Meanwhile, keep on spreading the word and the love for the sport!

Art Project: Miró

Joan Miro

A friend’s Art Project as inspired by Spanish Artist Joan Miro. View the art project’s gallery on Instagram.

Social Media is Killing “Us” Softly

Social Media

Dear Donnie,

How are you? How are your brothers? How are your nieces and your nephew Jojo? I can only imagine how big they have grown now. How are you doing with your job? Didn’t you just turn 10 years with them and got a fancy watch, as an award for loyalty? What shows and movies you’ve watched lately? Still collecting comic books? Are you dating someone now? Who are you hanging out with now? (Modify with raw questions you’d casually ask your best friend.)

These are the raw yet real questions I wanted to ask you about. These are the moments I have missed and will continue to miss because we are so far apart from each other. I can still clearly recall our farewell lunch before I left for a new job and had to leave the country. That was almost six years ago.

Naturally, I can ask those questions to you on Facebook or on Google+. I can just wait for your Tweets and then reply or “favourite” them. Your Instagrams pop up every time you post something. I am your Facebook friend, your Twitter follower, your avid Instagram liker. However, while we are connected on these major social media networks, it is not enough. I am still longing for more stories from you, fresh stories you’d tell candidly and those that you can tell no one but me.

Let me put it this way: Everybody sees your posts. Many people (most of them I do not know or have not met) will like and comment on whatever post you may have: funny, sad, shocking, et cetera. Often times, I can relate to them, I guess you still are the same person I have been friends with since we were four years old. Operative word is “guess-ing”.

I still often feel that something is missing. Is it the fresh-and-funny-and-randomly-exclusive stories and jokes we used to share? Is it the intimate real-life stories we share exclusively? What is it? It is everything that I do not see on your social media accounts. I see some but I am still missing a lot of you—the Donnie I love and my best friend.

This is the main reason why I am writing to you this long letter now. I want us to “refresh” our friendship. I want us to tell each other everything through letters (in this time and age: email). I want to know how you are holding up with life. What are your recent challenges and how have you championed them? I want to laugh with you as I read your emails to me. I want to cry with you as you burst out your frustrations and help you deal with some major problems or heartaches.


Ironic, because I think Social Media is killing our friendship gently; and yet I am using a social media platform to send this message through. As much as I want to share how I feel through social media, I also want to probe or maybe solicit others’ feelings about their own friendships which may have been affected by the social media frenzy. Nonetheless, I just want to underscore that I am still your best friend and I still want to share this life with you—deeper and more meaningful.


When you post, I like. When you comment, I’d normally click like; and you’d do the same to mine. You take a snapshot, post and then I double click it. Of course, I like everything you’ll post. You’re my friend. There is nothing I wouldn’t, unless you know I wouldn’t. There are so many statuses, photos, tweets of your life that I am missing; and a lot of mine, you’re missing, too. I want us to share everything–in writing.


Yes, let’s email each other. Long ones! Long letters with no-holds-barred in the use of language—our friendship’s language (as if we’re telling it face to face). It may not be on a regular basis, because we’re both working and we do have a lot of other activities; but this would be something that is authentic and we can be more graphic, too. It would be a delight to read about all the funny things you’d say. If your letter will contain some problems that you want to tell, it will be a pleasure to share my mind and to be of aid in whatever ways I can to help you solve it.

A nice quote from Fried Green Tomatoes, a film based on the novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg, said: “I found out what the secret to life is: friends. Best friends.” These words by the character Ninny Threadgoode made so much impact to me and my life. This made me treasure you and all my other friends more. This did not only make my life so much fun but it also made life’s challenges so much lighter.

Jay Valentine Lettering

We are now in our mid-30s. Gone were the days where we’d idly sat or lay down the hill beside the Church of The Angry Christ in our hometown. We were teenagers back then. We would talk about our dreams as we gaze (and count) on the twinkling stars. As blissful as it was uplifting, that would be our most effective activity to de-stress. Even if at that time, we do not know what stress means or the effects it bring to our lives.

As we continue to face the realities of life, we know for a fact that it’s not all happy moments (we should know that). We have both experienced loss as well. Both our parents had died and we have managed to live just fine. I know we will have each other for so long as we live. That is why we need to write to each other more often; to tell the stories of the life we are living, ergo, to remain deeply connected.

I know that we are both (relatively) settled now, given our current status and our jobs; it’s more than we’ve ever dreamed of and hoped for, I guess. To find joy in whatever we do–we must be cognisant. To be happy with whatever we have–we must remain grateful.

While social media is proven to be good and helpful for the enterprise, it may not be the best platform for us for it is softly killing our friendship; but apparently, while we are far apart, it is the best that we can ever have to keep us connected and become updated with each other.

I continue to wish you well and hope that sometime, somewhere, we’ll be together again. We’ll be physically there for each other; not some ‘liker’ or a ‘retweeter’. To be beside each other when one needs a hand or some company–to talk, to laugh, to dine or to watch a good movie with.

Love and care. I remain.

Your Best Friend

Lettering Credit: Jay Valentine