One Forty Point Six

Woke myself up then ran
While tracking you every second
In support and solidarity
So cheerily I, donned
The Ironman 70.3 tee

As you race, let the elements
Be ever your fire
In all moments–
Smooth or tightwire

Flow like water
Hear its whisper
Be strong like earth
It molded you from birth
Fly like the wind
Feel it comfort
your face, your skin

Clear, blithe skies
Your guide and usher
Bring forth big smiles
Come heat or wet weather

Endure the pain
You’re your own companion
Yet trust you’re fain
To champion

To wholly finish

Photo credit: Cyprus Malinao

The next day..
E: How does it feel to wake up as an Ironman?
T: I’m hungry!!!

*Kristine Marie Gumabay finished IRONMAN Malaysia 140.6 with an impressive timing of 15:31:23.