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Subject: Art Connector
Location: Singapore City
Artists: Peter Sim, Kenneth Koh, Cheung Yuting
Collaborators: Grace Tan, Dr. Lilian Chee

Make More Mistakes and Learn from Them

Make More Mistakes and Learn from Them

To arrive at what one really believes, one must speak through lips different from one’s own.
โ€” Oscar Wilde, The Critic as Artist

Lettering Credit: @yourefinevalentine

The Gayest Greeting of All Time

Whether it’s a Star or an Angel that’s above your Christmas tree, or whether you find nothing for you under it; having a great time with family and friends is what makes this season special and festive. Alright, whether you believe this or not, just have fun!


Lettering: Jay Valentine

live to the point of tears

Live to the point of tears.

Camus, Author, Journalist, Existentialist Philosopher

This was hand sketched in pencil by Jay Valentine and it perplexed us a bit when we saw it the first time, yet it also reminded us again to continue to create and appreciate life’s precious treats and pleasures: literature, art, food, fitness, friends and family.

“Live to the point of tears”, for us is living this colourful panorama of life ‘fully’, from end to end. Different realms of emotions and situations do move us humans to burst into tears: pain, frustration, suffering, sadness, loss, illness, misfortune; and so as joy, elation, happiness, gratefulness, love, victory, et cetera. Hence, in whatever situation that we are experiencing, we must usher to establish the balance (both internal and external elements) in this life that we create and live.

It opened up not just our eyes, but also our mind and heart to what the meaning of life really is to us–to live it fully; to be good and do good to ourselves, to others, and to the surroundings.

And while we strive in fortitude to embrace, absorb, process, and learn the Universe’s natural design (sometimes bittersweetly), here’s hoping that one day, when we do trace on our life backwards, we can aspire to only see one that was well lived.

Thanks Jay Valentine for sharing this with us before your submission. We can’t wait for the digitised version.

POST UPDATE: The black and white version of this typography was considered in the Typism Book 2. Jay Valentine had two other works published in Typism Book 1. Here’s the coloured version below and more of his amazing works here:


Fail Better

Fail Better

Lettering: Jay Valentine