Food Tour 2017: May

Food Tour 2017 - May

Sashimi Moriyawase by Himonoya

Food Tour 2017 - May

Refreshment by Cin Cin Bar

Food Tour 2017 - May

Thai Lunch set at Folks Collective – China Square

Food Tour 2017 - May

Food Panda Cocktail at Food Panda’s 5th Anniversary Festival

Food Tour 2017 - May

Crave’s new milky cold drink

Food Tour 2017 - May

Carnival pizza by Pezzo

Food Tour 2017 - May

Chicken Tikka set by Food on Fire

Food Tour 2017 - May

Coconut sundae by Qoolco


Food Tour 2017: February

Food food food

Chicken Congee by Imperial Treasure

Food food food

Black pepper chicken ramen by Keisuke

Food food food

Fried Pork Chop rice by Din Tai Fung

Food food food

PS. Burger by PS. Cafe

Food food food

Home party set by Cedele

Food food food

Nasi Lemak by The Coconut Club

Food food food

Uji-Maccha Latte by Japan Rail Cafe

Food food food

Appetisers and Desserts spread by ADRIFT by David Myers

Food food food

Egg-Cheese Prata by Ali Fatimah Food Stall, Redhill Market

Food food food

Custard Cream Bun by Hattendo Cafe

Savouring Singapore: Happy Eats – A Holiday Roundup

Gula Melaka Log Cake by Sinpopo

 Gambas al pil pil by Sabio

Paella Negra con Sepia by FOC Sentosa

Cafe Latte by Patties & Wiches

Sakae Sushi

Sushi lunch package by Sakae Sushi

Hello Chocolate

Box full of Chocs by Hello Chocolate

Furama Hotel Singapore

Santa Log Cake by Furama Hotel

Violet Oon Singapore

Peranakan dishes by Violet Oon


Good Old Fashioned by Auchentoshan

蓼食う虫も好き好き (Tade kuu mushi mo sukizuki) Literally: There are even bugs that eat knotweed. Meaning: There’s no accounting for taste. / To each his own. (Kassandra)

Singapore’s largest Epicurean Market

National Day fever is still very much in the air and as a treat to all foodies and drink lovers out there, we would like to share with you 51 awesome images guaranteed to tickle your palate and make you fall in love again with your favourite restaurants and celebrity chefs.

More information on Epicurean Market 2016.

Marina Bay Sands’ 4th Annual Food & Wine Fair, 12th-14th August 2016, Sands Expo and Convention Centre

Photo of the Day | Bake

Bake Cheese Tart

SubjectBake – Cheese Tart
LocationION Orchard, Singapore