Water to Fire – Ode to Dragon Boat

Water to Fire - Ode to Dragon Boat
Twelve, twenty-two crew – paddle as one,
Carbon fibre or wood–their magic wands;
The drummer starts the beat,
The helm completes the feat;
All twelve, all twenty two–move like one,
Amidst rain, wind or sun.

Together they create poetry,
Lines of resolve and diligence
Stanzas of drills and practices,
Verses of pain and patience,
Perseverance in rhythmic metres,
To a song of dexterity.

Steady focus on starts.
Breathe hard, breathe in silence.

Are you ready?

Kick-start solid strokes of thirty, even forty.
Break apart, destruct fiercely,
Propel the boat. Push!

Two hundred fifty metres or five hundred premier,
Race distance does matter.
With primed muscles for endurance,
Aggression’s aflame,
One and same in goal, in persistence,
Oh, the paddlers, fearless and fierce.

Slice, shave the waters,
Discern the rhyme, feel the sliver,
Progress in synchrony;
Longer reach—be one with water,
Stronger, deeper catch,
Hard and quick to clinch the match.

Breathe properly throughout the course,
Consume the wind, accept its force;
Feel the boat’s glide, retain stability,
In middle of lane, it must remain;
Thru merged force, render the strategy,
Relive the trainings and months of mastery.

Paddle in synchrony, let the dragons fly;
With outstretched hands, make them breathe fire;
Obey its commands, hear them cry—
The dragon boats morph like flames in the sky.

Fire up the blades, burn the waters—
Burn the lakes, bays and rivers;
Whilst near to finish, the stroke rate increases,
Scream! Battle on a millisecond gap;
Claim the victory, return ashore safely,
Prepare to rest, another heat to progress.

‘Tis the journey of brave paddlers,
Soaked in water, cloaked with fire;
Such poetry of synergy,
Teamwork and bravery.

Listful Thinking: The Joys and Thrills of Dragon Boat

We love lists. First of all, they’re easy to read and in our case they’re easy and quick for us to write as it categorises, organises and summarises our ideas and observations; but then again, it’s just us. It’s still the choice of the readers on what materials they’ll read.

As the year draws to an end, let us look back on the listicles we’ve shared so far: Real-life experiences of dragon boaters, the people surrounding them and dragon boat’s status-quo and evolution, both as a lifestyle and as a sport. We have ranked them based on number of hits and how they have become viral through the support of our readers worldwide.

Toast Leonardo

We shall continue to offer relevant, yet fun, and informative, yet entertaining, reads for you in the coming 2016. Many thanks to all of you for inspiring us to do what we love doing. And while writing about dragon boat as our way of boosting the sport, it’s actually about giving it a voice, too.

Here’s a compilation of the list that we have posted about the sport; and here’s hoping that you can relate to any of our listicles; and, hopefully, if you haven’t done yet, you’d share them to your team or those whom you think will be interested to enter our wonderful, wonderful world of dragon boating.

1. 25 Things Only Dragon Boaters Understand


2. 22 Lessons and Things You Learned from Dragon Boat

Jen Aniston

3. 12 Things to Keep in Mind if your Partner is a Dragon Boater


4. 30 Thoughts Every Dragon Boater Has Before The Race

Adele stretching

5. 9 Dragon Boat-iquettes Every Paddler Should Observe

One Direction

6. 8 Types of Dragon Boats You See at Races

Hell Yeah

7. The Future of Dragon Boat


8. 15 Motivational Tools from Incredible Dragon Boat Captains

Thank you TWD

9. 28 Amazing Athletes Who Will Inspire The Younger Generation of Dragon Boaters

Jane clapping

10. 10 Most Popular Dragon Boat Hashtags


GIFS: Giphy, Giphy, Giphy, Giphy, Giphy, Giphy, Giphy, Giphy, Giphy, Giphy, Giphy

Dragon Battle is Back!

Orchid Country Club (OCC) invites the dragon boat community in Singapore to join them at the Dragon Battle @ OCC. This is in part of the Club MAD Day 2015 event which is set to feature Carnival Stores, Sports Interest Group Tryouts, and Christmas Light-Up.

Dragon Battle’s simplified format: No weight limit and simpler gender distribution in 1 category. This segment will open 12 slots only and from there, 3 winners will be picked.

DBI Singapore

Registered participants will get to enjoy the following:

  • Participate on “The MAD Hunt” and get a chance to win OCC’s Limited Edition SG50 Orchie Plushie!
  • Lucky Draws
  • Fun Games & Activities (Inflatable Wet and Dry floats, Dragon Battle, Scuba Tryouts etc.)
  • Performances and Martial Arts Demos
  • Christmas Light-Up

Register HERE before it ends on 9th November 2015.

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Interview Series: Coach Tan Wee Jin (Women’s National Team)

This Q&A was with Mr Tan Wee Jin, National Coach – Dragon Boat Team Singapore (Women’s Team)

Coach Wee Jin started both in dragon boating and kayaking at the age of 13. Prior to being a full-time coach, he was a part of the Anglo Chinese School (Independent), National Junior College, and National University of Singapore and has been actively competing until 2011.

This young, versatile coach has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science, a former member of the Kayak Sprint Team Singapore, and a certified fitness instructor, first aider and CPR & AED.

Coach Tan Wee Jin


NAME: Tan Wee Jin
BIRTHPLACE: Clementi, Singapore
AGE: 27yo
HEIGHT: 173cm
WEIGHT: 65kg


Dragon Boat Team Singapore National Coach (Women’s) 2013-2015
National University of Singapore Kayak Sprint Team 2012-2015
Hwa Chong Instituition (College) Canoeing Team 2010-2015
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Canoeing Team 2013-2014


SEA Games 2013 – Bronze Medal
19th International Canoe Federation Canoe Marathon World Championship (Asian Category) 2011 – Gold Medal (K2 Men)
Dragon Boat Technical Coaching Certificate Levels 1 and 2
Sports Medicine Australia – Certified Sports Trainer Level 1
Olympic Council of Asia Canoe Sprint Coaching Technical Certificate Levels 1 & 2
National Coaching Accreditation Programme Levels 1 and 2

Q: How long have you been coaching the Women’s Team? How are the women athletes prepping for the SEA Games 2015?

A: This is my second year coaching the Dragon Boat Team Singapore – Women’s Team. We are gearing up well for the coming SEA Games and now there are more athletes who are going into full-time training, as opposed to a few months back, which is a good thing. We are now able to train having a full crew in the boat.

Q: How do you reach out to your Athletes?

A: First of all, interaction between the coach and the athletes is very important. Secondly, there should be sincerity in sharing to them my knowledge and my passion in the sport. These two combined, we will together soar to greater heights.

Q: In the context of interpersonal communication within the Women’s N-Team, is it a challenge for a male coach like yourself?

A: It always is. There’s a notion that goes, ‘Men are from Mars, Women from Venus’; so, as much as possible, I try to put myself in their shoes and think first of how they would feel before saying things. With regards to training matters, it is usually straight forward as those are facts. Gaining their trust and respect is something that helps to facilitate things.


Photo Credit: dbteamsg.sg

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Upcoming Dragon Battle Singapore 2015

Event Date: 28th – 29th March 2015
Battle Venue: Orchid Country Club, Singapore

Registration is still open HERE.

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