In the coming weeks, we will be featuring an interview series called, “Dragon Boat World Athletes”. We will strive to reach out to World Level dragon boat paddlers and ask them the important questions about their passions, training routines, fitness and health tips and their dragon boating life in general.

To make it something light to read for our readers, we intend to pump them a medley of opinion-based, behavioural, funny, and perhaps some not-too-personal questions even (should they like to share). Let’s get to know what makes them tick and what or who inspires them. It will also be good to know some interesting facts about them and what they think of the status quo of the sport.

World Dragon Boat Athletes
World Dragon Boat Athletes


Yes, what’s good with this series is that the questions will come from you. Email us your questions at If you want to ask them some dumb question like: “If you were an animal, what would you be?” (Please leave that to us. HAHA)

World Dragon Boat Athletes
Dragon Boat World Athletes

This series aims to inspire the younger generation of dragon boat paddlers to continue on the legacy, for they are the future of this sport; and if this, too, convinces them to pursue their dream of representing their country in the World Championships and become Dragon Boat World Athletes one day, then it truly validates the purpose of this platform.

For veteran paddlers of any club and those who are already in their prime, this is for you as well. May this sparkle up your health and fitness regimen and reignite your passion and dedication to dragon boat. After all, this sport does not only form bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood, it brings the world closer together.

World Dragon Boat Athletes
World Dragon Boat Athletes

Author’s Note: All images used with permission from Photographer Anthony Gallaccio.

[Did you know] Dragon Boat World Record, 200m

To date, the Philippine National Dragon Boat Team still holds the World Record of 40.02 secs in the 200m Standard Boat (DB22). The fastest 200m timing in the Premier Open Category was recorded at the IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships (WDBRC) held in Racice, Czech Republic in 2009.

As per the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) Competition Regulations, in WDBRC races, the minimum number of people in a Representative Team shall be 20 (Standard Boat, DB22) and 12 (Small Boat, DB12).

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