The Coffee Academics

Coffee Academics
Coffee Academics

Coffee Academics

Kale and Quinoa Waldorf Salad

Coffee Academics
Coffee Academics

Coffee Academics

Curly Fries with Dip Trio

Coffee Academics Coffee Academics

Coffee Academics

Crispy Fish Fillet Tacos

Coffee Academics Coffee Academics

Coffee Academics

Academics Pancake Tower

Coffee Academics Coffee Academics

The Coffee Academics was launched in 2012 with its flagship outlet at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. A dear friend of ours who had been to one of its outlets in Hong Kong had booked us this place for a surprise birthday party in its newly opened outlet at Scotts Square in Singapore.

We were all very glad about the choice of place to hold the intimate party. For early birds, they enjoyed some espresso-based coffees like the Manuka and Okinawa–these special coffees are blended with organic natural honey and dark brown sugar, respectively.

The party was indeed a fun gathering of good friends. Friends from sports, from an art film appreciation group, and from a charity organisation. The conversations and laughters were enjoyed more with Coffee Academics’ Margherita Pizza, Scrambled Eggs with Crayfish, Crispy Fish Fillet Tacos and Academics Pancake Tower for dessert.

Why are they called The Coffee Academics?

Because they teach you everything you need to know about coffee and the art of making it. They actually conduct small ‘coffee classes’ inside the outlet. Students or “coffee novices” are taught not just to be good Baristas but also important knowledge about coffee selection, its origin (farming), roasting, brewing techniques and even cupping. Visit their website to know more.

Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road, Singapore 228209
Operating Hours: 9am-9pm Daily


Keeping it real in Boracay

Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan, in the Philippines is famous all over the world for its powdery white and ultra fine sands and its crystal clear waters. The holiday island paradise has also been, for a number of times, voted as one of the TOP 10 World’s Best Beaches by Travel + Leisure (an international travel magazine and guide).

Dragon boat

Last April, I had the opportunity to visit Boracay once again because of the annual dragon boat race being held there. I got to see many old friends and former team mates from my dragon boat team back in Manila. It was also a mini family reunion for us as some of my brothers, cousins, nephews and nieces came to spend their vacation at the same time, and of course, to watch and support me and my team.


According to the Department of Tourism, their records show that from January to April of this year, more than half a million tourists have visited the island. Even during the time of the races, I noticed that majority of foreign visitors, including race participants, were from Korea, China, Taiwan, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany and Singapore.


Many used the hashtag LaBoracay (#LaBoracay) in social media for the Labour Day weekend. While it made to populate trend for Boracay, the netizens used the mentioned hashtag for several purposes like: holiday breaks, beach parties, and other competitions held in the island for the period of 1st-4th May. The hashtag became so successful and popular that it is still being used, even as I write, but now it’s for the purpose of calling for shore clean-ups and to remind people (locals and foreigners) to help preserve the beauty and cleanliness of Boracay.

This call to “clean-after-your-mess” in Boracay should be practiced everywhere in the world. People should keep and preserve the beauty of nature; be it in one’s own country or otherwise. Such campaign will only succeed when people will continue to genuinely pay respect for nature (and for the planet) wherever they may be.

So, having a REAL holiday also means CARING for the place you’re vacationing, or, as some would call, staycation-ing.


Real Coffee & Tea Café

Owned by the very congenial Ms. Lee Rosaia and daughter Nadine, “Real Coffee & Tea Café” turned 17 this year. This Boracay star and pioneer was formerly located in one of the alleys in Station 1, but have now moved to Station 2 (above Seaworld dive shop).

As they claim, “We have moved to Station 2 but our Calamansi Muffins are still the same.” I can surely attest to this claim because when I had it last month, that’s only when I remembered that I already had it several years back, and, yes it tasted the same. You can now have your Real Coffee for dine in or takeaway, just like what me and my brother Edmund did.

Eat here.

Real Coffee Boracay Real Coffee Boracay


Real Coffee Boracay Real Coffee Boracay

You may pre-order your Calamansi Muffins (320Php for a box of 6) at least one day before you pick them up.  That means you can now bring and share the fresh box (or boxes) of Boracay REALness to your loved ones.

Other popular Real Coffee & Tea Café goodies: Muffins – Peanut Butter Brownies, Banana Walnut, Carrot and Raisin, Ultimate Muffin; Cookies – Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin.

Photos by @iammsmunda