About Us

We are interested in culture, literature, food, fitness and (less-visited) places. euge·phe·misms [yooj-fuh-miz-uhmz] attempts to sing out life and love’s authenticity and comedy through ordinary words and raw images. The posts and features that we curate here are mainly about food, poetry and dragon boat; and, quite often something that’s light to read, comedic, and a wee bit inspirational.

Facebook: Eugephemisms

Instagram: @eugephemisms

Pinterest: eugephemisms +

Masthead by Jay Valentine

eugephemisms masthead sketch

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Apart from dragon boats, your interests exactly coincide with ours. Food, yes, poetry, yes, comedy, yes yes yes, and fitness, the more fanatical and outre the better, yes. We also like pomposity and pride that goes before a fall, both of which can be happily combined with all the above.

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