Informed Tasting – The Glenlivet Kinrossie Single Cask

I’m not Scottish but I certainly am one of the millions of fans of the beloved brown spirit—the Scotch. I was lucky enough to be chosen at an invite-only tasting event launch of The Glenlivet’s Kinrossie Single Cask, organised by Esquire Singapore for its Esky Club members at Olde Cuban in Chinatown, Singapore.

Over twenty whisky fans were gathered by Pernod Ricard Singapore and Esquire Singapore to exclusively receive a guided taste of The Glenlivet’s Kinrossie Single Cask. The Glenlivet is known for its high standard luxury brands—setting standards in whisky and luxury for over 200 years.

The Glenlivet Kinrossie

The Glenlivet Kinrossie

The Glenlivet Kinrossie

Why Kinrossie?

James Ting, Relationship Manager at Pernod Ricard Singapore shared a brief history of The Glenlivet: “While en route to the commercial town of Perth, there were various stops which had to be made to smuggle the whisky safely. Part of The Glenlivet’s rich history was envy among fellow distilleries up to the point where our founding father, George Smith, was threatened at gunpoint.”

Drawn from a single 15-year-old Hogshead cask (¼ tun or 63 gallons), Kinrossie had an exclusive allocation of only 288 bottles worldwide and only 9 bottles left in Singapore. With a cask strength of 60.4% alcohol by volume (abv), it had been purely transferred from the cask to bottle without chill filtration to lock in its original flavour, and, in a manner of speaking, its “purest expression.”

“Kinrossie was one of the landmarks to Perth and is a reflection of the brand’s tenacity and homage to overcoming adversity, remaining as one of the world’s most loved whiskies.”, Ting added.

The Glenlivet Kinrossie

The Glenlivet Kinrossie

Tasting Time

Comfortably seated and ready for the ‘water of life’, we were served with three kinds of whiskies: The Glenlivet 15 Year Old, The Glenlivet 18 Year Old and Kinrossie Single Cask—each has its own unique character, colour, nose, palate and finish. The star of the evening, Kinrossie Single Cask, has aromas of creamy vanilla and soft butterscotch toffee with fruity pears and glazed cherries.

Amazing how the guided tasting was executed, as it made me all the more appreciate the legend that is Kinrossie. It was one of the most auspicious whisky tasting events I have been to and Ting was not only an entertaining host but also an authentic Scotch historian.

The Glenlivet Kinrossie

Kinrossie among Thorns

The Glenlivet has recently launched The Pullman Train in the United States. A single cask collection composed of Pullman Club Car, Pullman Twentieth Century Limited, and Pullman Water Level Route. When I asked Ting how is Kinrossie different from The Pullman Train collection, he remarked: “Individual countries have their own casks which are unavailable to other countries.”

“This is definitely an aficionado’s collection item which celebrates the distillery’s diversity. Each country also specifies their barrel choice due to consumer’s taste preference.”, Ting ended.

That evening, we were carefully guided through Kinrossie’s detailed flavour components—from character to finish—and we were all enchanted with its rich Whisktory, too.

*Kinrossie is currently available at Moomba, Asher BWS (e-commerce) and La Maison du Whisky.
Images: Esquire Singapore


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