Celebrating with a French Flair

My brother and I have stopped ‘celebrating’ our birthdays for quite some time now. Perhaps mainly for the reason that we live far from each other, living in a different city and time zone, and both of us are far from home, too. But when my brother decided to celebrate his 26th, then we better celebrate it in style! As one of our life goals is to travel to Europe together, he chose to celebrate it in Paris in France.

We arrived in Paris on the eve of his birthday and after doing some touristy stuff and walked for more than 18,000 steps in just a couple of hours, we decided to have our dinner somewhere nearby. At that time, we were already by the foot of the Eiffel Tower and it was getting chillier.

Frame Brasserie Paris
Frame Brasserie Paris
Frame Brasserie Paris
Frame Brasserie Paris
Frame Brasserie Paris

“Pick a restaurant, dinner’s on me!” Oh-my-ghowd.. he picked Frame Brasserie, a restaurant that’s only a few metres from La Tour Eiffel. Frame is a modern designed restaurant that is attached to the Pullman Hotel in Paris. It serves California-style dishes in fusion with traditional French taste. Since it’s supposed to be a brasserie, but with its modern interior, it has a refreshing feel as opposed to the traditional brasseries.

The concept is an open kitchen type with indoor and outdoor seating and it also has a resident DJ who continuously sets the mood, both at the bar and in the restaurant. There was a group of young professionals at one end, a dating couple on the other and a family next to our table. It was a good blend of dining customers and the staff were very friendly to every table–creating such a very welcoming vibe.

Shout out to Mr Sam who assisted us so professionally and he was also my collaborator in preparing the surprise Carrot “Cup” Cake and the birthday song towards the end of the dinner. All the best to you in Australia! Santé!

Aside from the delicious food that was freshly prepared, the best part was, our seat had the best view of the Eiffel Tower. It was indeed a magical dining experience and an unforgettable celebration we had together. Bonne Anniversaire!

Frame Brasserie Paris
Seared Duck Foie GrasPistachio Banana Bread

Frame Brasserie Paris
Surf N turfScallop, Beef Carpaccio, Shaved Asparagus, Coffee Potato Puree, Maple Syrup

Frame Brasserie Paris
Wok NoodlesTeriyaki Curry, Peanut, Wanton Chips and extra Chicken

Frame Brasserie Paris
Frame Brasserie Paris

Address: 28 Rue Jean Rey 75015 Paris, France
Telephone: +33 144385777
Culinary Team: Chef Andrew Wigger
Facebook Page


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