18 for Athena
When you were 1
I had just left my teens
Then Lari had someone–
A baby sister
To play with, to tease
To hug, to kiss

Back then I’d carry you
In my arms
Strong paddler arms
But that was back then
I would carry you still

At times when
You were left with me
We’d sing, dance, fight
Watch cartoons
Read a story book
Recite a poem
I’d watch you sleep
While I read a novel
Or study my lessons

When you turned 8
You started to display
Grace and kindness
Lili and Raya came
Your turn as big sis
To play, to tease
To hug, to kiss

You’ve found your love
for singing and music
Like your Lola Cedith
Your voice as angelic
Effortless, flawless
You used to belt a Lea
Or a Sarah G for me–
That memory
Will always be with me

Fast forward to today–18
Yes, you’re now Eighteen.
Darn! How time flies
I may be far away
But, like I always say
Take care dear Athena
Of yourself, your sisters
Your mom and dad

Have a generous heart
Make genuine friends
Keep, give value
to friendships–
old and new.

Much love. Happy Birthday!

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