Informed Dining: The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

After the championships, we had a big dinner celebration for about sixty or so people at The Keg at St. Catharine’s in Ontario. One of the good things about this establishment is its spacious indoor and outdoor dining areas, where they could easily accommodate big parties such as ours. Their private function rooms on the second level are quite large as well. Perhaps an early reservation must be placed though, as they seem to be almost always fully booked on weekends.

Before the actual dinner had started, and while we were having interesting chats about food, sports, travel, and maybe some segments on the future of Earth and its life force (Were there actual science brainiacs in our table or we were just hammered?); we had cocktails and the Strawberry Daiquiri (not on their menu) at 7.5CAD, was refreshingly delicious. We would have moved on to try their Cranberry Mojito and Pomegranate Royale, both their featured cocktails, but it was already dinner time.

As dinner started, we each had a glass of red or white. At that time, for us having reds, they were serving something local called, Inniskillin, a Cabernet & Merlot from the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario. It costs 7CAD by the glass. The appetising Escargot came next. It was served on a porcelain escargot plate with stuffed mushroom caps with lots of garlic and different herbs for 11CAD. Just the way we like it (the taste, we mean).

Strongly recommended by our waiter, under their menu’s Keg Cuts, was the NEW YORK – a tender New York striploin grilled to perfection and some wanted it medium, some medium well and some liked it hot and well done. They have branded this dish as: “The King of steaks.” King indeed at 41CAD.

The service was very satisfactory and we would highly recommend them because of their ‘informed dining’, which is an added service. This service allows the customers to know the nutritional information of the menu and the staff are very knowledgeable of it. As for any food allergies you may have or sensitivity to any ingredients, just let the staff know about it and they will cater to it. And, yes, they do have gluten-free options, too.

Overall, it was an excellent (free) dinner with a bunch of cool, very diverse crowd; and while we all enjoyed the speeches and the brief film clip, and obviously loved the food and ambience; we will definitely treasure each others’ company and the friendships formed for so long as we live.

The Keg Ontario Canada

The Keg Ontario Canada

The Keg Ontario Canada

The Keg Ontario Canada

The Keg Ontario Canada

The Keg Ontario Canada

Address: 344 Glendale Avenue, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: +1 (905) 680-4585

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