Downtown Bangkok’s Hidden Secret: Talad Nam Seafood

“What’s the name of the resto?”, we asked. “I forgot.”, Nico replied. “It’s just near the BTS.”

Our ‘localised’ host, Nico, wanted to introduce us to this Thai restaurant and although he had forgotten its name, it was the experience and the delicious taste of the dishes which he did not forget.

Secretly tucked within the highly urbanised area of Silom, we’ll reveal it for you to discover and enjoy. Sure enough, just a few steps away from Saladaeng Station of Bangkok’s BTS; and after a short walk through a dark, run-down alley, you will find this authentic beauty: Talad Nam Seafood.

Travelling together in another country for the first time, good friends: Kenneth, Kristine, Mickee and Cyprus, discovered they were amazing (crazy) travel buddies. It was the final night in Bangkok and after a long day of shopping and city-walk, we had a relaxing moment by the pool before we headed for dinner. Everything went well since we arrived, so a great dinner, with lots of laughs and conversations, would be best to cap the trip.

It was also our farewell meal together with Paul, our dear friend who flew in from Sydney, to spend time with his family and then meet up with us afterwards. Such a superior treat to see Paul again after a long time. He showed up at Kenneth’s ‘surprise’ birthday party (happened the night prior) and then the already happy bunch became more excited, and, yes, even louder.

Now back to Talad Nam Seafood: As soon as we arrived in the restaurant, Nico knew what to order but he’d forgotten the names of the dishes; and so he had to call his friend to ask what they’re called by describing them and recalling the taste and the ingredients. To cut it short, we had successfully ordered everything Nico wanted us to try. (Not in photos below are three servings of fried rice. Don’t judge. Thanks.)

Now, we know what it’s called, we know what dishes to order; and most of all, we know where it is. So the next time you’re in Bangkok, you must try Talad Nam Seafood because we are definitely coming back. We’ve provided a link of the directions below on how to get there. Gin hai a-roi! (กินให้อร่อย or ‘Enjoy your meal.’)

Talad Nam Seafood Bangkok

Talad Nam Seafood Bangkok

Talad Nam Seafood Bangkok

Dramatically Special Egg Omelette – 3 plates of these please!

Talad Nam Seafood Bangkok

Morning Glory aka Kangkong

Talad Nam Seafood Bangkok

Deep Fried Snapper with Mango & Fish Sauce

Talad Nam Seafood Bangkok

Fried Sea Crab in Vermicelli Noodles

Talad Nam Seafood Bangkok

Talad Nam Seafood Bangkok

Address: Silom Prd, Bang Rak, 10500 Bangkok
Telephone: +66 81 457 4455
Facebook Page


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