Death by Grease: Kings Diner

They say that your visit to London will not be complete if you have not seen the Tower of London. We say, your (first) visit to London isn’t complete without a traditional English Breakfast.

The locals call this place, ‘Greasy Spoon;’ but then again, it’s also a general term for small, affordable cafes or restaurants serving fried food. Luckily, we had the best host who knows just where to go for the best no-frills-full-English: Kings Diner in Bromley.

Kings Diner London

Greasy Spoon

Special Breakfast No.7: Egg, Bacon, Sausage, Chips, Beans

At Kings Diner, aside from salads, jacket potatoes, burgers, and omelettes, they also serve 9 different kinds of Special All-Day Breakfast sets at £5.40 and each comes with a buttered toast and a coffee or tea.

For those who usually want to add extra bits and pieces (read as: more grease) on their plate, they have an assortment on their menu, so just name it for a few extra p’s (pennies). A mixed grill set is available, too, if you opt for a ‘healthier’ meal.

We would definitely go back there for yet another death by grease experience; and the waiters are actually quite friendly.

439 Downham Way, Bromley, England
Telephone: +44 20 8695 1064

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