Tapas de La Llaura-Dora

La Llaura-Dora is a casual dining restaurant in Denia, Alicante, Spain. It is situated in one of Denia’s oldest buildings—The Building of the Monks (Edificio de los Monjes). This building is said to be about 450 years old and it used to be an abbey and a learning institution for children.

When one walks through Calle Loreto, you will immediately find La Llaura-Dora as it stands out among the entire stretch of restaurants. Aside from the old-fashioned façade, you’ll notice it right away because it’s VEEERY orange (perhaps it’s just seasonal). A friendly waiter will greet you and bring you to your desired table.

La Llaura-Dora Denia Spain

La Llaura-Dora Denia Spain

They serve traditional Valencian cuisine and you’ll have an option to be seated either inside or outside of the restaurant; so it’s a choice between a quiet, antique-filled interior or the lively atmosphere on the street. There will be occasional jewelry/souvenir vendors who will approach your table. The seating capacity would probably be around 50-60 people on a packed, busy evening.

La Llaura-Dora Denia Spain

La Llaura-Dora Denia Spain

On a fine summer day, just before the sun sets, one would prefer to be seated outside as you will have a nice view of the busy Calle Loreto. And as evening draws near, you would suddenly notice this quaint Spanish town’s architecture, amazingly changes colour, and, thus, a warm air of bliss would be felt to complete your meal.

After a tour of the Castle or after sun tanning at the beach, whether you’re having Sangria or sparkling water, the following dishes are highly recommended:

La Llaura-Dora Denia Spain

Pan de la casa – Tomate en Aciete Y Sal All Y Oli Aceitunas

La Llaura-Dora Denia Spain

Patatas Bravas

La Llaura-Dora Denia Spain

Jamon Iberico Y Queso Manchego

La Llaura-Dora Denia Spain


La Llaura-Dora Denia Spain

Alitas Y Muslitos de Pollo con Salsa Barbacoa Casera

La Llaura-Dora Denia Spain

Croquetas de Jamon Serrano

La Llaura-Dora Denia Spain

Calamares a la Andaluza

La Llaura-Dora
3700 Calle Loreto, 12, 03700 Denia, Spain
+34 966 43 17 64


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