25 Dragon Boat Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Whether these accounts have posted five or five hundred media, regardless if they have twenty or two thousand followers; these accounts do not only share tastefully edited or unedited images and videos but they also contribute a great deal in promulgating the sport of dragon boat.

If you or your team is on Instagram, whether the post is your own or a repost, more than creating the best collages or finding the right filter; it’s always a delight to see dragon boat images, videos or memes which inspires and energises. Also, it’ll be great if you could provide your followers (and future ones) with the appropriate captions and hashtags.

Generally speaking, in sharing our photos or videos, we can be as creative as we can be and at the same time be really funny or inspirational, too. We can be as informative and yet not too braggy and self-important. We can post anything that we fancy, just so long as it’s original and ‘Instagram-worthy.’

Since Instagram is best used real-time, you may also want to mention the dragon boat race that’s ongoing or where your team practice or team excursion is happening by using the location setting or simply state the city or country in the caption field.

Wherever you are paddling, be it in Poland, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Arab Emirates, United States, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia or Isle of Man, it will be good to know that an exciting dragon boat event is happening in your area.

#dragonboat #dragonboatrace #dragonboatfestival

With the help of Iconosquare, Instagram Web, and search engines, we have digitally populated these trendsetters for this year (2015) and may you be enthused by these fun and inspiring dragon boat accounts—follow them and take note of how they effectively make use of the hashtags.

1. Ryerson Dragonboat Club

Ryerson Rams Boat 2 with their game faces on!!! 😬

A post shared by Ryerson Dragonboat Club (@ryersondragonboat) on

2. Dreadnought Dragon Boat Team

3. Dragon Boat Pinatar

Una buena temporada este 2015. Ahora nos toca descansar al equipo. #dragonboat

A post shared by DRAGON BOAT PINATAR (@dragonboatpinatar) on

4. Dragon Boat MVP

Trick or treat #dragonboaters?!? Which #dragonboat superhero are got tonight?

A post shared by Dragon Boat MVP (@dragonboatmvp) on

5. Dragon Boat Innovate

6. Dragonboat Club Master Russia

#Kazan #not_our

A post shared by Dragonboat Club Master Russia (@dragonboatmaster) on

7. Hammerheads Dragon Boat Club

8. A-Team Dubai Dragon Boat Club

9. Waterloo Dragon Boat Club

10. Aquaholics Dragon Boat Club

11. Orlando Dragon Boat Club

12. Catch22 NYC Dragon Boat

13. Pennsylvania Dragon Boat Club

14. George Brown Dragon Boat Club

15. Smokipoludnia Poland

16. Oar Struck Dragon Boat Club

17. Hawaii Dragon Boat Festival

Future dragon boat flag catcher! #dragonboathi #dragonboat #hawaii

A post shared by Hawaii Dragon Boat Festival (@dragonboathi) on

18. SIM Dragons Singapore

All set to go for Marina Regatta 2014! MR500 14 #simdb

A post shared by SIM Dragon Boat, Singapore (@simdragonboat) on

19. San Juan Dragonborn Club

20. HKU Dragon Boat Team 香港大學龍舟隊

21. XGenerals Dragonboat Team

22. ACCA Dragon Boat Racing Team

23. GWN Dragon Boat

Team Sweat takes the @walgreens Health and Fitness Cup! Those muscles are gold!

A post shared by GWN Dragon Boat (@gwndragonboat) on

24. One West Dragon Boat

25. DLSU Dragon Boat Team

For tomorrow… We race. We row. We fight! ANIMO LA SALLE!

A post shared by DLSU Green Dragons (@dlsugreendragons) on

So the next time we’re rendering our desired saturation, shadows, tilt shift and contrast or we’re choosing between Juno, Ludwig or Willow to filter our post, let’s not forget to use the dragon boat hashtags to promote the sport. We need dragon boat to be out there and be at par amongst the more popular ones.

*We shall feature the next 25 Accounts to Follow on IG before the year ends. We’ll also keep a lookout for the 2016 Dragon Boat influencers on Social Media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook). Meanwhile, keep on spreading the word and the love for the sport!

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