Savouring Singapore: Aeiou

Aeiou Singapore

It was a fun TuesDate with the witty, funny, multilingual and amazing independent woman, Karen. We sometimes call her, ‘Kareena’ or sometimes just, ‘Krrnn’, without the vowels. It’s been awhile since we last saw each other. She retired from Dragon Boat a few years back and she’s now competing in triathlon races. We used to paddle together, travelled to Bali in Indonesia, Pulau Rawa in Malaysia and Istanbul and Izmir in Turkey, and have remained to be really good friends up to this day.

In fact, it was really good for us to catch up as we had lots and lots of updates about stories and adventures we’ve missed to tell each other and there were occasional sharing of retirement plans, too.


To our circle of friends, Karen is the ‘Siri’ (Apple) or the ‘Iris’ (Intelligent Route Information System) of what to do, how to get to a particular place, and where to eat in Singapore. That evening, I collected her from her office tower and after almost an hour of travel (via Metro and some walk) from her work place to the restaurant which she suggested, we arrived and discovered that they are closed on Tuesdays.


So ‘Iris’ was automatically activated and then just another 15min walk, we reached at this hip cafe called: aeiou. Suprisingly, it turned out to be just the perfect place for us to eat, drink and enjoy each other’s stories. Photographs we’ve taken will show you the vibrance and character of the establishment. Its name also mirrors the owners’ love and appreciation of the arts, food, crafts, and, quite obviously, letters.

Let’s do this again soon, Karen. We always wish you happiness and joy; and we love you dearly with all the vowels and consonants!

Aeiou Singapore

Yes, as always, we each ordered a different main dish so we could share and we’d be able to try more food on their menu. Good (foodie) friends do that in restaurants; it’s universal. Since Karen had only tried their desserts previously, here’s what the friendly staff recommended to us for dinner:

Mains 1: French Roasted Chicken – Roasted Chicken stuffed with garlic, rosemary & thyme; served with stir fry baby potatoes & sliced carrots + condiments

Mains 2: French Duck Confit – Slow cooked duck confit served with sour red cabbage + gratinated noisette (hazelnut) cauliflower

Drinks: Albens Apple & Mango Cider; Sangria Lolea Clarea No. 2 (White Wine)

Aeiou Singapore

Aeiou Singapore

Aeiou Singapore

Aeiou Singapore

Aeiou Singapore

Aeiou Singapore

Aeiou Singapore

111 King George’s Ave, Singapore 208559
Website: aeiou

This is part of the blog series called: “Savouring Singapore,” which aims to feature and promote restaurants, bars, hawker centres, mamak stalls, kopitiams and cafes of any kind, in and around the Garden City. Featured images are snapshots of food, drinks, desserts or the physical look of the makan place.

Everyone is welcome to send their submissions here.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Provide complete name of place. Double confirm spelling can?
2. Identify the name of each particular dish/specialty.
3. Creative shots from a camera phone or professional food styling photography also can.
4. Where is it lah? Tell us the address, telephone and website if got.
5. You may opt to say a bit about the place or the food, but photos can already.


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