Savouring Singapore: Niqqi’s (The Cheese Prata Shop)



Egg Cheese Prata

Egg Cheese Prata

Tissue Chocolate Cheese

Tissue Chocolate Cheese; Teh Tarik

Bee Hoon Goreng Ikan Bilis

Bee Hoon Goreng Ikan Bilis

The Cheese Prata Shop
16 Clementi Road, Singapore 129745
Telephone: +65 6872 2577
Open 24 Hours

This is part of the blog series called: “Savouring Singapore,” which aims to feature and promote restaurants, bars, hawker centres, mamak stalls, kopitiams and cafes of any kind, in and around the Garden City. Featured images are snapshots of food, drinks, desserts or the physical look of the makan place. Everyone is welcome to send their submissions here.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Provide complete name of place. Double confirm spelling can?
2. Identify the name of each particular dish/specialty.
3. Creative shots from camera phone or professional food styling photography also can.
4. Where is it lah? Tell us the address, telephone and website if got.
5. You may opt to say a bit about the place or the food, but photos can already.


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