Love & Light


I love you
When you were away, adoring London’s autumn sun
When you photographed temples and artefacts in Bangkok
When you basked in the morning sun of Koh Samui

I love you
When you trekked the trails of Kota Kinabalu
When the fogs cleared and the volcano dawned in front of you–you had had that ‘look’
When you flew sky lanterns for new beginnings

I love you
When I learned you’re a dragon boater
When you get bruised from paddling, I dig you
When your body was shattered from intense training, I felt the same

I love you
When you’d get really excited about the coming weekend
When we climbed in bed, your smooth, velvety sheets wrapped us
When you made those little snores in your sleep

I love you
When you had that sad look when I took a massive bite of your sub sandwich
When you stayed in my hotel, when I travelled for work
When you wished me love and light

I love you
When you were being nice and sweet to my friends
When we cuddled while watching a movie in the cinema or on your couch
When you shared to me your lovely sunsets; whether in Asia, Australia or in Europe

I love you
When you made a hearty dinner and I wanted to have more
When you shared advices on love, life, work, and, even on running
When you let me go out with my friends

I love you
When you were on a boat trip to Indonesia
When the twin towers of Petronas lighted behind you, your face sparkled
When you went out on Fridays to have beers with friends

I love you
When you were having your me time
When you fixed my luggage as you’re really good at it
When you flew in just to see me

I love you
When we’d caught up on video calls
When you were too sleepy and tired after a work conference call
When I received texts and emails from you

I love you
When you remembered my little idiosyncrasies and made fun of them
When you were amazed by my simple ways
When at times you played the know-it-all game when we conversed

I love you
When you kissed me
When you said I love you
When you said it again the next morning


Thank you
When you send friendly emails and best wishes, such joy
When recollecting meeting you the first time, always paints a smile on my face
When you said you treasure all the fun memories when we were together; I do, too

Thank you
When you picked up my call when I needed someone to talk to; I can count on you
When you feel glad that I am healthy, and, happy with my job; I echo it back
When your only wish is a happy and healthy future for both of us–love and light defined

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