Dragon Boating for a Cause









Part of the Extreme Sailing Series 2015 in Marina Bay, Singpore, was a dragon boat exhibition race which was joined and supported by seven teams who sent their Ladies Crew for a friendly competition.

Sailing’s prettier cousin, Dragon Boat, was a featured sport at the event; and, while the aim was to reunite both sports, the hunky sailors took part by sitting in front of the racing fleet as drummers.

The sporting event was indeed a means to raise awareness about breast cancer and life after championing the disease.

Paddles Up! to the amazing ladies from: AustCham Paddle Club, German Dragons, American Dragons, Singapore Paddle Club, British Dragons, SAP Dragon Boat Team and Paddlers in Pink.

It was another fascinating #dragonboat story of sportsmanship, love and support.

#teamwork #beatcancer #loveandsupport #dragonboat #fithealthyhappy #Singapore #ExtremeSailing #SDBA #SG50

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