Interview Series: Coach Naiang Naiang Htoo

This Q&A was with Coach Naiang Naiang Htoo, National Coach – Dragon Boat Team Singapore (Men’s & Women’s Teams)

Born in 4th December 1976, Coach Naiang Naiang Htoo began his sporting career in 1992. Prior to dragon boat, he was part of the Myanmar National Rowing Team. In 1997, five years later, it was a dream come true for him when he became a part of the Myanmar Dragon Boat Team. He shared that it was considered to be the more elite sport in Myanmar during that time.

Apart from Dragon Boat, Coach 992 (as he is fondly called) is also into Swimming, Volleyball and Bodybuilding.

Coach Naiang Naiang Htoo


Name: Coach Naiang Naiang Htoo
Birthplace: Pathein, Myanmar
Age: 38yo
Height: 177cm
Weight: 90kg

Myanmar Dragon Boat National Team Coach 2010-2013
Dragon Boat Team Singapore National Coach 2014-2015

SEA Games 2011 – 9 Gold Medals
SEA Games 2013 – 14 Gold Medals

Q: How and at what age did you start dragon boating? How is the sport different now from what it was like then?

A: I was seventeen years old when I started in dragon boating. The training methods and techniques have become more different. Nowadays, there are more techniques used; and, quality wise, a lot has changed as well. These are all positive changes in terms of improvement of the techniques. I can say that quite a lot has changed since then; like for example, with my Myanmar athletes, the training hours have tripled as compared to before.

Q: How did you feel when you first learned the news that you are coaching the Dragon Boat Team Singapore?

A: Firstly, I felt very proud that I was invited to coach a team of another nation—a new National Team; and, this is exciting for me as I have been coaching the Myanmar team for quite a long time already. While it is a ‘new ground’ for me, I felt very confident as well. I just need to make sure that the team will do well; and, I will be there to help them achieve their goals.


Photo Credit: SDBA Facebook Page

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