Paddles Down 2014, Paddles Up 2015!

The Dragon Boat 2014 season may have officially ended to most of the teams around the world. Now, it is time to prepare for the forthcoming season and it looks like 2015 promises to be a brighter year for the sport with the ‘major leagues’ coming up such as the 12th World Nations Championships to be held in Welland, Canada, 19th August 2015 and the South East Asian Games (SEA Games 2015) in Singapore City, Singapore, 6th June 2015.

Meanwhile, while we are now taking our much deserved rest from all the races we’ve taken part of (not to mention the many team activities organised) this year; let us relive those gloriously intense moments from the past races. Watch those videos you’ve taken from the races; and remember all the happy, funny and tear jerking moments of 2014.

For teams who’ve joined the major and the toughest races in your country or region, this year may be one of the best years for you and your team in dragon boating; so IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!  This year must be particularly very special, too, for teams who have competed in the 9th Club Crew World Champs in Ravenna, Italy. Salute to all CCWC 2014 Crew!

As announced by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF), we have welcomed seven new members in the federation, they are: Argentina, Greece, Israel, Ivory Coast, Malta, Panama and Qatar. We are now 84 members strong in the IDBF and let us continue to spread the word about our wonderful sport, until we become at par with the other more popular sports.

Dragon boat is a very colourful and exciting sport and we must believe that we will become BIGGER. We must still continue to work hard for it though.

Let us be thankful for all the efforts of the IDBF and all the dragon boat associations and federations worldwide; and for all the efforts, big or small, by paddlers, teams, event organisers and suppliers in the dragon boating sphere. Paddles Up to all the Dragon Boat team coaches, advisers, leaders, officers and race managers for everything you’ve accomplished this year.

While we are profoundly pleased for everything glorious that has happened to our teams this year, let us give a special shoutout to all our team sponsors, supporters and partners! They are indeed our co-agents in making this sport grow and prosper. From Restaurants, Bars, Banks, Sports Drinks, Sunblock Lotions, Sunnies, Caps, Compression & Dri-fit Apparels, et cetera, whether they are a private business entity or a government agency, THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU, OUR DRAGON BOAT SPONSORS AND PARTNERS!

Here are some of the leading brands we’ve found online which featured the dragon boat sport on their websites. Send us a screenshot of the others so that we can feature and thank them here as well for their massive contribution to us–the big family of dragon boaters. Send us the link of their website or email screenshots to: eugephemisms at gmail dot com

Dragon Boat Screenshot - Abbott

Dragon Boat Screenshot - AXA Website

Dragon Boat Screenshot - DBS Website

Dragon Boat Screenshot - Discovery Website

Dragon Boat Screenshot - Google Website

Dragon Boat Screenshot - Malaysia Airlines Website

To all dragon boaters who have trained hard and competed at any race or regatta this year, whether you have garnered some podium ranks or not, we salute you! To those of you who have paddled and competed for the first time, welcome to the dragon boat world; and, yes, we can already see your dragon scales starting to manifest. Keep on paddling and loving the sport. Let us hope that there will be more non-paddlers who will be inspired to step forward to join and try out the sport.

Thank you 2014, Welcome 2015!

Web screenshots: Abbott, AXA, DBS, Discovery, Google, Malaysia Airlines

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