Food Power: A fitting sendoff to Paul and Paulina

Featured Restaurant/Bar: Vanilla Bar & Café

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Establishment Type: Family-owned; Ideal for lunches, brunches, after work drinks

Location: 3 Boon Tat Street, Singapore; CBD [Boon Tat cor Amoy Streets, Singapore]

Established: 2009

Budget per pax: 25 SGD

Brief Intro: Julian, one of the owners, shared that it was his sister who named the restaurant Vanilla Bar & Café. Vanilla, as an ingredient, enhances the flavour of a dish (or any dish or drink for that matter) when mixed with other flavours.

In the middle of the café, together with the condiments, you will see a showcase of different kinds of toys. It’s a collection of some of Julian’s and his sister’s toys when they were still kids. It shows that they want the establishment to be inspired by a child’s playfulness as it signifies an uncomplicated element on their food preparation while also expressing fun, spontaneous atmosphere for their staff and their patrons.

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

It was a sendoff lunch for my friends Pau and Paul. They are embarking on separate journeys but both are equally exciting too. While I wish them all the best, I also wish for them to create a fun and spontaneous journey along the way.

When I searched the web for the relevance and meaning of vanilla, I found out that in the 14th century, the Aztecs would drink vanilla for it is believed to have given them strength, as well as power.

We must’ve picked the right place for this occasion then. So, farewell and more strength and power to you!

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

What we ordered: Garlic Prawn Pasta, 13.90 SGD; Truffle Mushroom Penne, 16.90 SGD; Iced Coffee, 4.50 SGD; Iced Latte, 5.50 SGD; Strawberry Smoothie, 6.90 SGD; Vanilla Dirt Cake, 9.50 SGD
What we loved: The dessert. Vanilla Dirt Cake: Original, inventive, delicious.
What we hated: The dessert. Too tempting!

It was highly recommended by Pau, and it was indeed a treat. A good value for everything we had. I can recommend it too—for team lunches for those who are based in Raffles Place area and also best for brunches after your CBD weekend runs.

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

They open shop at 10.30am until 11pm from Mondays to Thursdays; 11.00am – 12.00mn on Fridays and 11.00am – 9.00pm on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays and public holidays.


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