POEM: Into the Dragon’s Lair


Put faith in the self, faith in your team;
Keep an eye on the aim,
An ear on the roaring silence;
Whence the horn blows, unleash the beast.

Out in the open, away from the dark caves,
Free from the castle, old and bleak.
Then brave the waves,
Defy barriers to reach the peak.

Feel the drum’s beat, feel it move you;
Accept the strength it gives you.
Exploit it as your dragon dashes to kiss–
The end of the seas.

Into its lair–the burrow of victory.

Fasten an undaunted clasp,
On weapon’s shaft.
Reach longer, pull harder;
Gorge on air,
blow it back,
gobble up deeper.

Sing to the wind caressing your hair.
Feast on the water cleansing your eyes.

Breathe fire, exhale fire;
Catch the water—fuller, quicker.

Glide in the moment,
Be one with the elements.
Feel the beat to the core–again.

Live for the moment.

For your dragon tells who you are.
The self and the dragon is what you are.

You are the dragon; keep watch of your lair.
Safeguard your colours, hoist your flag in the air.

The water’s your sanctuary, your battleground;
Your passion’s safe ground.

Set the dragon free, set yourself free.
Into freedom’s lair and harbour of victory.

Photo Credit: Jen Macapagal

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