10 Most Popular Dragon Boat Hashtags

Dragon Boat

As a #dragonboater or even just a fan of #dragonboat #paddling, you may have used hashtags related to the sport in your posts on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ or Facebook.

In the quest to identify the most popular hashtags in the social media space used by dragon boaters (and supporters worldwide), in addition to the painstaking page-after-page-after-page-search, we have also employed websites like Hashtagify.me, Searchinstagram.com, Top-Hashtags.com, and Hashtags.org to filter the results.

In random order, we have listed down the most widely mentioned and appropriately used #hashtags by Dragon Boat teams, individual #paddlers and supporters as they clicked on those POST buttons.

1. #dragonboat

2. #PaddlesUp

3. #dragonboating

4. #dragonboater

5. #Paddling

6. #dragonboatfestival

7. #DragonboatRacing

8. #Paddler

9. #dragonboatrace

10. #PaddleLife

They say that “the use of hashtags is an effective digital marketing strategy.” Let this then be our most powerful tool in propagating our favourite sport. Be it a #selfie, a #teamphoto or what-have-you, whether inside or outside of our #dragonboats, make use of these hashtags in all your social media posts.

Let’s own these hashtags that truly speak of us–our life as paddlers. Add them to your own personal or team hashtags. This will be such a big help in promoting this beautiful sport of ours that is, up until this day, often disregarded, and, yes, still under recognised.

The campaign should start with us. #PromoteDragonBoat #PromoteDragonBoat

Dragon Boat

Can we add #NoPainNoGold? What is your team’s favourite hashtag?

Images: Kelvin Pao

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