The Perpetual Beauty of Avignon

Avignon, France Avignon, France Avignon, France Avignon, France Avignon, France Avignon, France

A day trip in Avignon with my nephews, Ralp and Lionel, turned out to be such a big treat; having to visit, not one but three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in just one place: Palais des Papes (Papal Palace), Avignon Cathedral, and Pont Saint-Benezet.

Palais des Papes or Palace of the Popes, is a medieval gothic building which was then a fortress to six popes in the 14th century.

Right next to the palace is the Avignon Cathedral where the Archbishop is seated. It is also one of France’s national heritage sites or what they call, “Monument Historique.”

Pont d’Avignon or Pont Saint-Benezet is a bridge built in the 12th century. The second time that it got destroyed was when the Rhone river flooded in 1669. It is now left with only four arches and has not been rebuilt since.

While these three historic sites made Avignon a major centre for tourism, this capital town of the Vaucluse department is also one of the few places in France which preserved its medieval ramparts.

To those who have been to Avignon, they can easily attest to the timeless charm and grandeur of it. On the other hand, if you’re planning a trip to the South of France, make sure to include a sweet sojourn in this ancient walled city.


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