Supply & Demand

In the continuing quest of nurturing new and expansive thoughts about the many aspects of my life in #Singapore, I always make it a point to share stories, fitness regimens, travel plans, and future goals with my good friends Stephen and Paul, over our dinner dates.

Friendship is one of the things I am so grateful for and having met these two young, brilliant and fascinating personalities, I am always blessed to share the dinner table with them, at least once or twice a month. Paul is a model, actor, dragon boater and a creative Advertising Exec while Stephen is an IT expert, writer and photographer. Both of them excel in their respective fields and they never cease to inspire me and the people around them.

One Friday, we were looking for a #fresh, #cozy hangout and dinner place, so Paul tried to book us at Supply & Demand in Orchard Gateway. As expected, they were booked up and can not accommodate a reservation for three. Though they only entertain walk-ins at the Esplanade branch, we agreed to try our luck still.

We arrived at 7.45pm and we were told that the next table would be available at 9.30pm. After being told to wait for an hour and forty-five minutes, we must have had that piercing you’ve-got-to-be-kidding look. Well apparently, even for this massive three-storey establishment, the demand is just too high on Fridays. Several cancellations from other customers later, we were able to secure a table before 9pm.

Supply & Demand Supply & Demand

In three words, the place was: Hip. Crowded. Beautiful.
In three words, the food was: Simple. Fresh. Enjoyable.
In three words, “We loved it!”

Supply & Demand Supply & Demand

We were all first timers there, yet everything we chose from the menu was fresh and divine (and worth the wait). Say, the Chicken. The menu says, “Choice of chicken prepared the way the Chef decides.”

Supply & Demand

They’re right. Sometimes you just have to trust the Chef.

Supply & Demand

Carbonara Cremoso: Pasta in cream based sauce – Though prepared the classic way (with bacon bits and fresh milled pepper), their version had tempered egg yolk, white wine and lots of cheese.

Supply & Demand

Quattro Formaggio: Four Cheeses – Mozzarella, Smoked Scarmoza, Gorgonzola, Tallegio, Parmesan. Shouldn’t it be called Cinque Formaggio as it had five types of cheeses?

Supply & Demand

Grilled Truffle FriesFresh to the palate, it had lots of parmesan, roasted garlic, and, of course, the truffle oil.

In your next dinner plan, just remember these three words: Supply. And. Demand.


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