My brother, Edmund.

My brother, Edmund.

Ossobuco with Milanese Risotto + Rosso di Montalcino by Col d’Orcia + an assortment of Italian bread on EVOO and balsamic vinegar dip on the side. Photo taken by Edmund Azucena at Ristorante Leonardo Da Vinci, Milan, Italy.

Featured Restaurant: Ristorante Leonardo Da Vinci, Milan, Italy

Named after Leonardo da Vinci, they must have epitomised his genius on their menu; and like da Vinci, my brother Edmund is also mutifaceted–he’s a writer, microbiologist, mycologist, dancer, chef, model, mathematician, chemist, actor, nutritionist, guidance counselor, experienced cosmetic scientist and singer.

While he is my inspiration in so many realms, he inspired me and this blog the most when it comes to food (in everything delicious and beautiful as a matter-of-fact). This little brother has learned a lot from him and is always cheering for him “from a distance.”

You are the best gift Dad and Mom gave to us. Advance Happy Birthday! (You’ll turn 26 in 13 days.)


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