The Rule of Three

Artistry SingaporeArtistry SingaporeArtistry SingaporeArtistry Singapore

In one of the quaint shophouses at Kampong Glam (near the glam Arab Street), you will find an Art Gallery + Café called  Artistry.

In 2012, this Art Gallery cum Café concept was conceived from the power of three clever minds: Prash, Marcel and Matthew. They are the creators who brought this fresh concept in Singapore—for EVERY artist, art lover, food lover, and, coffee connoisseur.

In a casual conversation with Prash, he shared a bit of how the three of them ended up founding Artistry.

“I have known Marcel for nine years now and we have collaborated on several art projects for Action for AIDS (AFA)Marcel and myself have always discussed the dearth of arts spaces in Singapore but felt that for it to be sustainable, we would need to introduce an F&B (food and beverage) element to generate revenue. On the other hand, Matthew and myself were friends from Raffles Institution since 1992.”, Prash recalled.

When asked about what is the most fulfilling thing about having / catering at Artistry? He said that: “It has been enriching for us to showcase the diverse artistic talents that exist in Singapore.”

Artistry SingaporeArtistry SingaporeArtistry Singapore

The café transforms into an art salon when the clock strikes at 7pm; it then holds different gigs such as: open mic nights, poetry reading, live model painting and drawing, and other art appreciation activities.

As an Art Gallery, it features emerging local and international artists to hold an exhibit for a span of three weeks. Artists get invited to showcase their masterpieces at the café, though some are handpicked by the owners (from among those who have approached them). Since the exhibition changes at a triweekly manner, the new featured pieces on display sort of give a “face-lift” to the café’s interior. Isn’t that genius?!

While the view and the ambience inside Artistry is already artsy fartsy, the creativity in the food preparation and presentation; and love of art is interpreted in their brunches, lunches or afternoon munches. They do have a long 16-seater wooden table at the centre to cater for big social gatherings; or for small groups to share, discuss art, and make new acquaintances, too.

Meanwhile, another power of three—Karen, Marga and myself enjoyed our catching up session over lattés at Artistry (their coffee is brewed locally by Liberty Coffee). Afterwards, we continued on to spend the rest of the day as to where our instincts had led us. It was also one of those days where we spent it like tourists (strike and go anywhere, get lost and ask for directions).

It’s good to have that kind of day. Like art, it was carefree, fun, imaginative and creative. #selfwe

Artistry is working on a brand new cocktail menu come March 2014, so watch out for it. They are located at 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore and they operate from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 7pm. Call: 6298 2420; Email: Follow:

Photo credits: Artistry

eugephemisms: Today is the Feast of St. Valentine. Let us try our best to always love unconditionally!

Love in RedLove Lettering by Jay Valentine

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