Most Flavourful Restaurants of 2013

Beijing Kitchen

“Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.”


What’s your favourite restaurant of 2013? Here are the TOP 10 which really worked the treat for us last year and by “flavourful” we meant not just the decent food and cocktails but also the interior, ambience, overall experience and the people we had had the meal with.

1. Beijing Kitchen – City of Dreams, Macau, China

2. Platitos – Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

3. eight Café & Bar – Chinatown, Singapore

4. Oz Urfa – Izmir, Turkey

5. Brassiere Gavroche – Tras Street, Singapore

6. Sanat – Istanbul, Turkey

7. Rokeby – Jalan Riang, Singapore

8. mezza9 – The Grand Hyatt Hotel, Macau

9. Sandaime Bunji – Millenia Walk, Raffles Blvd., Singapore

10. Inle Myanmar Restaurant – Peninsula Plaza, Singapore


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