New Year, New Dawn

One Mind.

The paddler’s mind is set to outwit an opponent but the paddler should ought to know that he alone can NOT guarantee immediate team success on his own.

Apart from the physicality, one is compelled to learn the dragon boat concepts, to be genuinely ready for the races and to understand the sport. Dragon boat is a way to stay fit, keep a sound well-being and enjoy nature, too.

The MIND is synchronous with the proper form and movement. The mind is ONE with the principles of performance.

One Heart.

It is the indefatigable secret of the paddler’s PASSION and dedication in the sport.

The heart should be as strong as the physical skills and resources, to form a solid foundation to race at the highest level.

A paddler’s HEART is the strong driving force to take that humbling step on the winner’s podium.

One Team.

When the TEAM is in sync with its Coach’s passion, it is guaranteed that so many titles in varying disciplines (distances) will be conquered.

It will not always be victorious races; the key is to quickly rise through the competitive categories and strong ranks.

This pursuit in team dynamics is the image one must reckon more clearly than any other. An individual crew must know the value of SACRIFICE, at some point in the races, for the good of the team.

“Puso” or Heart is the team’s most appropriate slogan as they continue to paddle their hearts, and, face a New Dawn, be it in races or in life.


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