Sandaime Bunji

Sandaime Bunji 20131112_212456 Sandaime Bunji Sandaime Bunji

Sandaime Bunji

Teriyaki Chicken Tsukune & U-men Set

+ Salad, Tofu, U-men noodle, Chawanmushi

Sandaime Bunji

Ishiyaki Harako Set

+ Hot Stone Bowel Rice with Salmon & Salmon Roe Topping, Salad, Tofu, 3pcs Oden

Sandaime Bunji

Grilled Saba Set

+ Grilled Saba (Mackerel), Salad, Ox Tail Soup, Mugimeshi (Rice)

Sandaime Bunji

Gyu Harmi Steak Set

+ Gyu Harami (Beef) Steak, Salad, Ox Tail Soup, Mugimeshi (Rice)

It’s been a a year since we visited Tokyo. The sights and the weather were perfect but it was the food which captured our hearts the most (or maybe next to shopping). In the span of our stay, we tried to eat something different everyday. We had one on the street, by the train station (JR), at a mall, at a fancy restaurant, a fast food chain and even on those vendo food stores. Everything was just mouth-watering.

We promised ourselves to come back but the second time will be in Osaka. We have not done it yet but hopefully time and our pockets will permit us in 2014. This featured restaurant indeed made me relish those wonderful gastro-experience we had in Japan.

Sandaime Bunji is one of the brands that Abezen Restaurant Systems (ARS) operate. Located at the Park & Dine Zone of The Millenia Walk, this is ARS’ first branch outside of Japan. Its other Izakaya concept brands are Eimon and Surimiya. ARS was once voted as Tokyo’s, “Most Exciting Dining Experience.”

Sandaime Bunji Sandaime Bunji Sandaime Bunji Sandaime Bunji

It was an impromptu late dinner with Alex, Paulie and Mickee. Our meeting at Millenia Walk finished late but it (dinner) sure wasn’t a hurried one. We had so much fun, so much laughter which made us stay until they closed for the night. Its interior and the food presentation are shown in the images. As for the taste, we all loved it, and, to me it tasted authentic.


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