The Dragon Boat Hours

filipino dragons singapore filipino dragons singapore

It is during trainings that I am happiest.

It’s when I can release stress and shout my heart out.
Where I can burp out loud and also laugh out loud.

It is where my teammates see me suffer.
They see me endure,
They see me fight.

It’s where I get to motivate and receive motivation.
An opportunity to inspire, furthermore earn inspiration.

It keeps me focused as it gets intense.
Makes me admit my weaknesses; realise my strengths.

I sweat, I feel pain–I feel strong.
I perform, I work–I build.

I feel one with the team, I feel whole.
It is where I admire and get admired, too.

I teach, I learn, I get validated.

It is comforting, exciting and adrenaline-filled.
It prepares me as it pushes me to the limit.

At trainings I develop authentic self-discipline,
To be in sync with the team,
To be reminded to live in good trim.

It is during trainings that I execute my best,
Become as good as the rest.

For triumph and glee. For victory!

It is during trainings that I truly feel free.

filipino dragons singapore

Photo credits: Kelvin Pao

eugephemisms: The poem is about the fun and profundity of all the training hours that a dedicated paddler devotes for his passion.

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