Epicurean Nomads

Introduced by my good friends Jamie and Irene Alodia , this new Pop-up bar called Epicurean Nomads was an amazing new concept. That evening, they were at Takumi restaurant in Marina at Keppel Bay.

epicurean nomads epicurean nomads epicurean nomads epicurean nomads

Beer Nomads and life partners Joan Lim and Charles Ng, co-owners and hands-on managers as well, came up and introduced this creative concept in Singapore to link us beer lovers with the unique and premium blends of Craft Beers from The Land of the Rising Sun.

Why Japan? Why Japanese beers?

As Charles shared to eugephemisms: “We have other partners (they call them Beer Nomads) in Japan who liaises with different microbreweries all across Japan. These Japanese Craft Beers are limited edition, and while they are being produced in small quantities, these beers are uniquely brewed using seasonal ingredients such as rice, malt and a variety of fruits.”

Star of the Moment: Swanlake Beers

The featured microbrewery is from Hyoko Yashiki no Mori Brewery located in Niigata, Japan.

epicurean nomads epicurean nomads

4 Varieties
Amber Swan Ale
Swan Lake Porter
Swan Lake I. P. A. – Swan Lake Premium
Swan Lake Rice Beer

We tried a bottle of Amber Ale, a Lake Porter + a sip of the Rice Beer. All loved all of it and each blend has its own captivating taste. While enjoying the beers and the very relaxing Ashiyu (foot bath),  Joan (co-owner) was playing a good host by letting us try and taste some food from Takumi’s Onsen Bar Snack.

Ashiyu baths are very popular in Japan. Joan said that a good 10min dip into the warm water takes away body toxins and helps you achieve a state of zen (togetherness of body and mind). It is also believed that Ashiyu can effectively treat nerve pains, digestive problems, and general fatigue.

epicurean nomads epicurean nomads epicurean nomads epicurean nomads

Where to find them next?

Since it is a pop-up bar, naturally they can just pop anywhere, anytime. What differentiates them from the rest is that they make their range of Specialty Craft Beers exclusively available only at selected Specialty Bars, Fine Dining venues and Celebrity Restos.

How to catch them: http://www.epicurean-nomads.sg/contact.html

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