The sparkling mezza9

When was your last international buffet? If you can’t remember, then you should book one quick! Whenever I go for international buffets, either with friends or family, it always excites me. I guess everybody loves an international buffet once in a while. Oh, once a month would be nicer.

mezza9 Macau

On Level 3 of The Grand Hyatt at City of Dreams Resort in Macau is the famous mezza9. This high-ceilinged international star has a unique “international collection” and it is also known for having “live show” kitchens. From Japanese, Macanese, Chinese, German, French, American, et cetera. To those who like some drinks to match their meals, there is a bar and a wine cellar, too.

mezza9 eugephemisms mezza9 eugephemisms mezza9 eugephemisms mezza9 eugephemisms

While it has a very spacious dining area, there are more seats available at the outside terrace (if you’re being a diva and you want to take your meal closer to nature). And since Macau is dubbed as the “Las Vegas of Asia”, for those big time gamblers who wanted an exclusive area for their parties to dine and chat, mezza9 offers semi-private and private rooms. One even has its own wine cellar inside.

mezza9 eugephemisms mezza9 eugephemisms

We’ve met the very friendly Louisa Wong, Director of Events Sales at The Grand Hyatt. “Come to our Sparkling Sundays!” she invited us. The invitation was quite tempting as the event involves cook-to-order dishes (in testing plates) personally prepared (performed and served) by chefs on their live show kitchens. “It is a special kind of dining experience.” she added.

mezza9 eugephemisms mezza9 eugephemisms

According to its website, it is a concept by its Executive Sous Chef Richard Sawyer. So if you want to try and have a relaxed Sunday afternoon, just prepare a sparkling MOP488++ per person and another sparkling MOP220++ for unlimited pours of reds, whites and other sparkling drinks. Sparks start from 12nn to 3pm.

mezza9 eugephemisms

From L-R: Apple Muffin, Portuguese Sausage Bread, Cheese Mixed Berries Brioche, Chocolate Pound Cake

In short, we stayed in a gorgeous hotel room and the breakfast at mezza9 the morning after was bliss + their desserts were to die for!


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