A Burmese Gastrodiscovery

InLe Restaurant

“Hai M! We plan to go to Peninsula tonight for some Burmese cuisine. Do you have any recommendation? Many thanks love!”, we asked M on Facebook.

M: OH HAI… How are you? I wish I could bring u guys there, but I am travelling to Thailand tomorrow… Try the dark bean paste pork and tea leaves rice at Inle Restaurant in the basement.”

InLe Restaurant 20130911_202341

It is as simple as that. If you are craving for something authentic, call a dear friend who grew up in that particular country. It also helps if he is a food lover and a great culinarian. In this instance, M is both! We actually miss his weekend gastro-creations for us.

As Burmese culinary is something unfamiliar to us, it took a short while until we finally appreciated its taste. You must go there tonight and try. The Bamar (or Burman) waiters were very friendly and helpful as well. “Cè zù bèh!” It was a great, new experience and taste of the golden land of Myanmar here in Singapore.

InLe Restaurant

Myanmar – The Golden Land

As obedient friends, we ordered what M had recommended.

Pickled Tea Leaves Rice

Pickled Tea Leaves Rice & Pork in Black Bean Paste

As described on its menu, it is mainly Rice mixed with pickled tea leaves, fried peas, peanuts, toasted sesame, fresh garlic, tomato, chilli, dried shrimps, and dressed with vegetable oil and lime.

Htamin Let Thoke

Htamin Let Thoke

Ordered this when we saw the word: House. It signalled to be something authentic! It is also a Rice mix flavoured with house’s special seasonings. Served with fried chicken or fried cat fish.

InLe Restaurant

Representation of Bamar men and women in their traditional outfits.

InLe Restaurant

Yama Zatdaw – Thida or equivalent of Sita in Rama at Sita

The nearest MRT Station going to Inle Restaurant  is City Hall Station. Get directions HERE!


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