Beijing Kitchen

Beijing Kitchen

One of the best, high class, and authentic Chinese dining experiences one could ever get–in the kitchen. While Chinese Opera is setting the mood for the patrons, the beautiful, serene music created a homey feel and atmosphere. It’s mostly families, big groups and perhaps big-time gamblers since it’s near a casino. It’s one of those restaurants where, as you enter, you’ll literally feel rich. We are not even joking. It felt like you’re about to have a fantasy meal in a fantasy world (+10% service charge). You can feel the ‘abundance’ of money (of other people actually). Expensive-looking-yet-approachable (and affordable), this Northern Chinese-style restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Hotel is highly recommended to those who may be looking for that old, classic taste in this rather “new” world.


Beijing Kitchen’s interior is dark (to some extent), and its furniture is a combination of modern and the old (North China). The rustic accent made us feel like we were in an old gangster Chinese movie who’s about to meet “The Boss”  or to be sold to the gang’s “Mastermind” as a slave or be fed to the cobras if we don’t reveal the code to the vault containing the world’s most expensive white diamond . Anyway, let’s move on before we get completely carried away with this film in our head. That’s a whole different plot altogether.

20130829_220713 Beijing Kitchen Beijing Kitchen

Hangzhou Specialties for that evening:

Old fashioned Peking Duck from Wood-fired oven with Classic Condiments 268MOP (Half) 468MOP (Whole)
Fried Rice, Prawns, French Beans and Preserved Vegetables 98MOP
Pan Fried Minced Pork Dumplings, Shrimps, Beijing White Cabbage, Yellow Chives 98MOP


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