French it is!

It was past 8:30pm in Singapore and it was about time to devour something already, or, perhaps for some, it’s time to sleep. I went out to meet my friends: Ann and Nikolai. We each had a different craving that evening. Ann wanted Japanese, Nik wanted French, and I just wanna sleep.

We first walked towards Duxton Hill to survey for something French or Japanese that might beguile us. Voila! Nik entered L’Entrecôte to get a table. There was a table readily available but he was told that the food will be served with 20 to 30 minutes waiting time.

That would’ve been quite a wait, as we were already STARVE(LS) THE CLOWN. We immediately bade au revoir (goodbye) to the classy Parisian bistro. (To be frank, judging from its picturesque exterior beauty, it can be a good potential blog entry, too.)

Still at the Duxton Hill area, and since Ann was craving for Japanese food, we went to check out Izakaya’s menu. While Ann (who’s really feeling Japanesa that night) was perusing the menu outside of the restaurant, she was not as convinced and said, “How about here? It’s simple, inexpensive and the serving will be fast.” Nik didn’t look happy. Two seconds after, we were heading back to Tras Street.

At Brassiere Gavroche, we fulfilled Nik’s craving for Steak and we did have a bon soirée as we did enjoy our food choices. The French guy who waited our table (who never smiled the entire time, by the way) handed us their menus. Their menu is locked in a wooden frame that made it trendy and show of class and strength on the brand, too. As we entered the resto, I already knew that the place was not within my budget (It actually wasn’t, it was waaaaay beyond it haha).


Brassiere Gavroche’s Interior

Wine Cellar

Brassiere Gavroche’s Wine Cellar

We tried the Rumsteak d’agneau, ail rose confit et pommes purée. (Repeat 3x in correct French accent) For a SGD35 meal, it was supes expensive but when it comes to the taste, this pan roasted Welsh lamb, medium rare as requested, was so deliciously prepared and foodgasmic sounds of ‘uuhms’ and more ‘uuhms’ just went out. Some slices were a bit “gummy” but the great flavour was there. It was topped with pink garlic confit, served with mashed potatoes as its base.


Rumsteak d’agneau, ail rose confit et pommes purée

Nik’s & Ann’s choice: Sirloin 150 days Steak frites et sauce Béarnaise A Pan-roasted Angus sirloin with Béarnaise sauce and French fries SGD38


Steak frites et sauce Béarnaise

We also tried their Moules Frites Steamed mussels with white wine sauce. Extremely overpriced for SGD38 and taste-wise, nothing was really so fantastic to it.


Moules Frites

“Nik, would you always take Ann out to fancy dinners like this?”, I asked. “Well, not so often anymore because we’re both super busy.”, he said. It was a one of their rare romantic dinners, and, oddly, I was there and hopefully I didn’t ruin it.


Wine & Dessert

Dômaine de la Mordorée Cotes du Rhône SGD68 (A good quality house wine.)

Tarte au chocolat et praliné noisette Chocolate tart with hazelnut praliné SGD14 (I must say that this one is so worth your fourteen dollars!)

Their wine list is plain ridic-kidonkskies. Like this bottle of Etienne Guigal Côte Rôtie Cuvée La Turque 2001 which you can get for SGD850. (Oh-My-Gas!)


The authentic French dinner was classic fancy-cles but totally pricey and too extravagant for me. It was more fun when le vin rouge kicked in and we can’t stop laughing on our way home.


Brassiere Gavroche Interior

Visit to read a brief history of the shop.

Sparkling Water

Guess how much for a bottle of this sparkling water? Just too much. Have a pleasant evening!


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