Platitos: An impartial review of a non-food blogger

Something brand-new and cosmopolitan has opened in Singapore.

At an “invite-only” event, I was lucky enough to witness these young restaurateurs’ dreams become a reality. They were a bunch of joy to watch, as all were very hands-on in the overall operations of the restaurant, which they have curated themselves, too.

Platitos. Brand-new. Fresh. Revolutionary.

This budding titan has its contradistinction to other tapas bars (or other bars for that matter). Karen Adayo, one of the owners of Platitos, shared: “Its concept is inspired by the tapas and pinchos bars of España.”


Photo Credit: Platitos

It has a festive Spanish air (with loads of exciting personality). During lunchtime, Platitos is a Panini haven and from dusk ‘til midnight, it maintains its classy, understated elegance (with its Black & Glass walls).

Platitos aspires to be the premier hang-out place where big flavours can be savoured from small plates.”, Adayo added.

The FUN-ky letterings on its walls were inspired by the owners’ combined love for food, art, music and life. My personal favourite is the lettering by Shaw which says, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” Sublime!


Photo Credit: Platitos Facebook Page; Chalk Lettering by Paulina Ortega & Clark Koga

The Spanish music and the festive mood were already a great combination but passion completes the feel, hence the letterings. In fact, with the birth of Platitos, they put more colour to the already trendy area at Tras Link which is along Tanjong Pagar Road.

As this blog’s title/disclaimer started, I am neither a food blogger nor a resto-bar blogger. I do wish, though, of having disposable money to splurge on the world’s best restaurants and actually blog about them after this first attempt.

Who knows what luck awaits when this post hits the blogosphere? It may be picked up by Food Network, the famous 101 Cookbooks blog, Jamie Oliver or even Nigella Lawson.

These big time Food TV Channels, Celebrity TV Chefs/Show Hosts do not feature restaurants with bad reviews anyway, do they? They only want to feature people who love and live their passion for food. So they might, just might chance upon this.

A place where people can socialise, enjoy delicious
food and indulge in a variety of drinks. – Platitos Group

They say, “It is all about the presentation”. Indeed, and, also about the big taste that goes with the beautiful food in front of you. That is how it is there in Platitos.

I want to share this review so I can convey to you what they do at Platitos. They are genuine foodies who serve properly cooked food and take care of their customers. Their serving presentations are masterpieces. (definitely instagram and twitter-worthy: hashtag platitos; hashtag lovinglife; hashtag Singapore)

Let me go ahead and introduce to you their Sangria Beer. Mine was served: fresh and fragrant! Not because it was “drinks specials” that evening but this cocktail will surely entice many adventurous locals, tourists and Singapore-based expats. (Practically all of you fine boozers and gastronauts!)

The C.H.A.M.P. (an alias I created: Citrus. Happy. Apples. Magical. Playful.), is one of its premium cocktails and is mixed by Christian Abulencia (Abu, is the resident Bartender and one of the bar owners). It took him years of drinking (responsibly) to perfect the concoction, I assumed.


Photo Credit: Platitos Group

It is a sweetish-citrusy mild drink (more femme but everyone loved it that evening) and each glass or jug is being mixed with apple cubes and three kinds of fresh citrus: calamansi, lemon and orange. Its spirit and sweetness would suit any patron (your choice whether to go SWEET lover or more SPIRIT-ual); this is as lovely to drink as to look at.

We are not in Spain, too far actually, but their tapas are just as delectable. I had a platito of Chef Special Tuna Ceviche. They made a good nose on it, where it combined chives, coriander, sesame seeds and some special secret recipe. It was hands down the most delicious “ceviche” or “kilawin” I had in the four years of living here in Singapore.


I think I am starting to (sound) like food blogging now. After all, I eat anything (spicy, bland, soupy or dry) at just about everywhere.

Having Platitos here in Singapore has brought back the fun in eating and hanging out with friends. The location is great and so as its menu, and I love the sociability of the owners.

Brand-new, cosmopolitan and well worth a try. Small plates, BIG taste, indeed!

Platitos officially opens 12th June 2013.

Menu and other details here

1 Tras Link #01-08
Singapore 078867
Reservations Tel: 6444 1654

*Karen, Jeff, Kim, Abu, Chamie and Faye are the creative men and women behind Platitos. Get to know and have drinks and a chat with them when you swing by.

FINAL TIP: The amazeballs Platitos Meatballs dish is a must-try!


eugephemisms: Seeing a friend succeed is happiness. Seeing friends who partner and then succeed all together is bliss!

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