Entrée: Pride

It’s Pride Month and while simultaneous LGBT events are celebrated around the globe (e.g. Mykonos, Manila, Belfast, Tel Aviv, NYC, Toronto), it is appropriate to pick this gay-friendly café and bar for a reunion dinner with our friends Paul and Stephen.


eight café  & bar

Yes, it is that kind of establishment that you hear through the grapevine. It has a creative mood right from the outside and on to the intimate tables set at the rear.

Situated in a cultural, semi-urbanised stretch of Shophouses at Bukit Pasoh, its main dining area creatively combined an eclectic mix of furniture and décor. Picture a television set (as in 1920s), an old-fashioned lámpara and an aged transistor radio on one side.

There is a modern collection of lamps to set the café’s cosy mood at the main dining reception; and there is a low lighted area at the back of the bar (where light emanates from a big jar) that has a tranquil and stylish mood to it.

According to café owner Bill Ho, “We have been serving since 2008 and we mostly get our customers through word-of-mouth.” (Bill also invited us to check out their Facebook page. Search: Eight Café & Bar)

It is always exciting when you are with (foodie-licious) friends, trying out a new place, and discovering the menu. Even more intriguing as it was only recommended by our good friends Jay and Ben. We have not heard of it from the radio, nor seen on print and social media.

As Jay said: “If you’re looking for an LGBT friendly establishment for your dinner date, you must remember only one number—8.”

Believe it or not, nowadays, there are still many establishments where equal respect and treatment are not given to all customers.

Ben and I are looking out to places where everyone is treated with same courtesy regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. You can find that in 8 café & bar.” Jay shared to eugephemisms.

Café, Cocktails, Conversations

The reunion dinner was quite special as Stephen just arrived from the UK and we have not seen him for many months already. And special nights like this, call for special cocktails, so Bill suggested that we get someone (something) new. They call him Peter Pan.

Peter Pan is a big guy (served in a large goblet), living with four spirits. They are: Cointreau, Triple Sec, Blue Curacao and a bit of Red Wine. This well-made cocktail from Neverland is surely made strong, and, like Peter Pan, it’ll make you fly and never age, too.


Model: Paul Ronda (@therealpaulstar)

There were many other interesting choices of standard and premium drinks on their liquor list. The likes of Bitchy Berry and Illusion caught my eye at first. While having the big glass of Peter Pan, the conversations went juicier, yet very informative and the stories just became too funny.


We each ordered differently (as planned) to get to see and taste a variety. By the way, they do not come cheap. Menu is available at www.eightcafebar.com


Photo Credit: @tipztamatic

Stephen’s Choice: Tiger Prawn & Beef – A pan-seared prawn and Hokubee Steak with house red wine sauce (Great fit for a tiger like you, Tipz! You totally dig “prawns” as well, dontcha?)


Photo Credit: @therealpaulstar

Paul’s Choice: Hokubee Australia Steak – Topped with house red wine sauce (Definitely for Singapore’s Next TOP! Full stop.)

Our choice: Exotic Seafood Laksa Pasta – In home-style cream Laksa paste, fresh prawns and a scallop (Guaranteed authentic Laksa taste and the pasta, Al dente! Recommended for pleasure seeking Laksa fanatics like our dear friend Edwin.)

8 is turning 5

This coming 14th July 2013, eight café & bar will celebrate its 5th year of servicing its customers. The busy days are normally Fridays and Saturdays but when we came on a Wednesday, all tables were booked. Well done, Bill!

Why are they successful? The café is unassuming. My other guess is that because the LGBT customers have found the place it needed to belong to and also of its welcoming nature (not only to the LGBT, of course).

It was a great reunion dinner after all. There were couples, gay and straight, but it just-sorta-worked-perfectly-and-spontaneously. We finished the beautiful meals with a relaxed mind before we headed for our Chardonnay toast at Platitos.


Eight Cafe & Bar 5th Anniversary, 27th July 2013 (Saturday)
Check out its website for more event deets.

PINK DOT 2013, June 29, 2013
VENUE: Hong Lim Park
TIME: 5.00PM

You know what colour to wear. Your true ones!

eugephemisms: I dare to care about equality because life is meant to be fun and fair to all humans. I am in charge of my life – thus my choices. I want to share my limitless love, enjoy long lasting happiness and live comfortably without discrimination.


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